Tortles from this land age slower then Tortles from other realms Ageing more like dwarfs.


They only mate once every five years. This act isn’t love making it’s a instinct that they have. There is no relationships or anything like that. And they have to return home in order to this. This event happens for only 1 week out of the year surrounding a lunar eclipse 3 days before and 3 days after


They mostly warship a living being kind of like buddha. It’s a massive and incredibly old dragon turtle named Figi. Well less warship and more live there life to his teachings

The island they are from

Where tortles are from is a bit of a mystery from other races. In truth. the Tortles live of the massive Dragon Turtle names Figi. Figi lives around that island dragon isle’s. Figi is large enough to be a small island complete with its own ecosystem. The first place from Figi the most turtles go is the half elf island.


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