Half-orcs have no land or nation which they may call their own. Their orcish ancestors were taken as prisoners from their homeland Fuadhai (The Great Field, known by the other races as “The Wildlands”) and brought West and North as slaves. The modern day human nations were built on the backs of orc and half-orc labor.

Upon the second continent half-orcs won freedom for themselves and their orcish ancestors fighting alongside humans for the independence of The Republic of Fortuna. Though orcish heritage within the humans settlements of the second continent were integral to this rebellion and the subsequent establishment of the new nation, those of orcish decent still struggle to be treated as equals, let alone mutual founders of this nation.


The ancestry of half-orcs traces across the first continent, from orcs in the plains and mountains of Fuad’hai, all across the holdings of the Myriad Nations of Cor. Many half-orcs and orcish ancestors were brought to the second continent as well, and still comprise a significant portion of The Republic of Fortuna’s population since taking part in its rebellion and foundation. Since the liberation of their people, many half-orcs have sought

During and after abolishing the slave trade and similarly liberating those of orcish heritage in the Myriad Nations of Kor, some half-orcs attempted to return to their ancestral homeland of Fuad’hai. Many were turned back by the goblinoid clans, unwilling to suffer the insult of their human heritage.

Trade & Diplomacy

Though they hold no independent diplomatic or trade influences, half-orcs permeate the diplomatic and commercial affairs of the human nations. Though typically not as well represented as their human counter-parts, what representatives they have are skilled and driven in their positions. Those who earn their way into such positions are loathe to let any doubt their right to be there.

Unbeknownst to many of the races who have fought with orcs, they are in fact skilled craftsman. Knowledge of many traditional crafts (most typically leather-working, wood-working, and carving, but even crafts such as blacksmithing) were passed down to half-orcs through their orcish heritage. Despite the many challenges to retaining and practicing these traditions and crafts, half-orcs have preserved these teachings and re-invigorated them with their own influences. Though not as historically renown as ancient elven craftsmanship, or as timeless as dwarven metalworking, half-orcish craftsman have well-earned a reputation within the human nations and their reputation (and goods) continue to spread to other nations.

Religion & Culture

Half-orcish religion and culture finds itself blurred across its many identities. From their orcish ancestry comes worship of Gruumsh, the patron deity of their race. From their human heritage and upbringing within human realms they have a broad influence of religions and cultures (particularly in the Myriad Nations of Cor). However, their identity as belonging to both and neither of these cultures at the same time, and outright rejection of some by either or both has lead many half-orcs to establish their own sub-cultures within their nations, wherever they find themselves. In this way, they find themselves somewhat kindred spirits with the half-elves who’ve recently re-integrated into the civilizations of the first continent and even made their way to the new world. Though their heritages trace through races who were once ancient enemies, their contemporary contexts leave them more similar than outward appearances (or practiced empathy) might indicate.

Their relations to other races aside, half-orcs have long developed a strong community between their people in various locations, and maintain a uniquely distributed community with diverse sects of their own religions and customs. Some have developed their own interpretations of Gruumsh, others worship human pantheons with their own reverence, and yet more have redefined their own spirituality and worship. The only constant across these sub-cultures is their support of each other and anyone else fighting to make a place for themselves in this world.


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