Ghost Plate

Armor, Very Rare (requires attunement, half plate)

A rusted, old, tatted half plate suit, restored to its former glory by a spirit inhabiting it. It’s components may ethereally project onto others, but doing so withers its corporeal form back to its original state.

While wearing this armor you can project portions of the ghost plate onto a touched ally to improve their defense at the cost of your own. These ethereal plates may increase the target’s armor up to 14 + Dex modifier. Each +1 increase represents a portion of the plate projected from the Ghost Plate and reduces the armor provided by Ghost Plate by 1 (down to a minimum of 11 + Dex modifier (max 2)) until the plates are retrieved by another touch.

Once per day, as a reaction the wearer can project all of the armor’s plates to protect any target within sight when they would be hit. This re-equips any projected portions of the armor to the targeted ally, providing the maximum armor bonus, and reduces the wearer’s bonus to minimum until reclaimed. The target’s new armor bonus is used instead to determine if the attack hits.

Ghost Plate

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