Dwarves live primarily in deserts, arid plains, and mountainsides, mining the invaluable resource arcanite, and forging goods from the rich minerals found in their mountains and in mines beneath the great desert.


Hill dwarves are not found in this world. Instead, desert dwarves share the same traits as hill dwarves.


Desert dwarves establish rudimentary settlements in the desert with scattered caverns and mines beneath the surface for mining imminently valuable arcanite. They subsist mostly off moisture farms, hydroponic farms from deep wells beneath the earth, and occasionally hunting desert game large enough to provide sustenance (mostly various lizards). Dwarves have domesticated many desert animals, using animals like camels and rams as beasts of burden, but only rarely ride them out of both fear and respect. More typically, desert dwarves ride fast or resilient reptiles, well adapted to their environment and comfortably low to the ground. Despite their talent in utilizing much of the surrounding wildlife, they often remain adversarial with each other, to the amusement of many outsiders.

Trade & Diplomacy

Dwarves trade their valuable resources, goods, and craftsmanship for necessary commodities to support their settlements, but also wield great influence via their strong supply of arcanite provided to other nations. As they are mostly independent, they are left wanting little and holding many cards politically, which they utilize to aid them in their continuous land wars with goblinoid races at the far side of the great desert. In the past, the dwarves even traded in slaves, wrought from goblinoid captives from their wars. They exchanged these slaves with the human kingdoms for armed assistance in their war to take and fortify valuable contested lands.

Religion & Culture

Dwarves typically dress modestly, both out of practicality enforced by the desert, but also in deference to their religious traditions. Within their borders, most dwarven women wear sacred head-coverings in public, leading many other races to speculate as to the true appearance of dwarven women. Male dwarves, often grow and maintain their beards as part of practice of their religious devotions. Even those who are not devout often take great pride and care in the cultivation and appearance of their beards (or less traditional facial hair styles).


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