Modern Dragonborn live mostly secluded upon a ring of five island settlements in the Eastern seas. Though their nation once sprawled across many of the other islands and even held lands on both sides of the first continent for some time during various invasive expeditions.


Each of the islands in their nation has a distinct ecology, whose origins are attributed to the dragons who once birthed their race.

  • Black, Copper, and Green Dragonborn vie for control of an island blanketed in banks of acidic or toxic miasma drifting among great swamps, marshes, forests and valleys.
  • Blue and Brass Dragonborn live atop a barren desert island scarred by storms and blistering heat and perforated with elaborate subterranean caves.
  • Bronze and Gold Dragonborn live on a tropical island surrounded by coastal caves and reefs and dotted with great lakes, rivers and waterfalls.
  • Red Dragonborn live dominant alone within caverns in an active volcanic island. Their island continues to grow slowly as frequent eruptions add new land to their territory, while smoldering the past of their island in ash and fire.
  • White and Silver Dragonborn live on an island of steep mountains and cliffs covered in permafrost and veiled in frequent snow squalls, fog, and clouds. Always temperate and frequented by rain, the island is generally hospitable, but it prone to monsoons.


All Dragonborn are born from 10 lineages of dragons who birthed their races through magic upon the 5 island nations of their homeland, divided between the varied environments of their homelands by elemental affinity.

Though these mixed lineages constrained into tight quarters often cause strife, the Dragonborn hold that this keeps their people strong and the warlike race is often loathe to eliminate or even subjugate a rival bloodline, either out of benevolence or hopes for renewed challenge.

Honor and Conquest

The Dragonborn hordes hold widely varying viewpoints and forms of governance, but all are fond of conflict, challenge, and tests of mettle. However, what is merit to one lineage is a sign of weakness to another, so this ambition often seems but chaos to outsiders, sometimes even to the Dragonborn themselves.

One thing all Dragonborn agree upon is that they all seek conquest and glory for their clan and their people, to make their ancestors proud and the claim their birthright as children of the ancients.

Conquest, Treasures & Tradesmen

The Dragonborn’s farmers and artisans are few and far between, but their huntsman, warriors, and craftsman are many. A natural greed has lead many Dragonborn clans to seek conquest on their own lands and in far flung places. Using brute force, their imposing presence, and brutal tactics Dragonborn rampaged across the Eastern seas for ages, before an embarrassing and demoralizing defeat suffered at the hands of the Halfling Republic and a bloody war ending in near subjugation by the Humans of the second continent. However, their hordes still hold great spoils of wars past, which many envy and desire, but few are foolhardy enough to try and take or trade for as Dragonborn are know to trade steeply for goods others desire.

Modern Dragonborn

The Dragonborn of today’s age are lest restless and prone to war, finding conflict, challenge and conquest in contexts less direct than war, and which do not threaten their potential extinction at the hands of the more prolific races. Dragonborn now engage more heavily in craftsmanship, philosophy, and the engineering of elaborate magical entertainment in an attempt to redefine their cultural identity and discover new purpose in a world no longer theirs to freely conquer. As a whole the Dragonborn have become much more secluded and reserved, as they have turned inward seeking new purpose and direction in a world dominated by impetuous younger races. However, this inactivity has driven many to wanderlust. The hordes themselves have grown quiet, waiting with a sense of purpose, but no clear goals.


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