Character Creation

Races and Subraces

For more information on the core races in this setting or additional races and subraces available in this campaign, see Races And Subraces

Point Buy

We will be using 27 point buy and constructing characters together, but by all means start brainstorming and figuring out what you prefer before the first session.

Additional Classes and Sub-classes

All core classes and sub-classes are admissible without permission. Any classes or sub-classes from other materials (including Unearthed Arcana) are generally admissible, but should be run by the GM.

Here is a list of pre-approved 3rd party materials:

Additionally, sub-classes have and continue to be designed based on interest and will be tagged here as additional options for players:

If you’re thinking about multi-classing or finding exceptions to accomplish an idea, consider working with the GM to design sub-classes or spells together to accomplish your goals in a more holistic manner (that can create re-usable content for others!).

Questions To Answer About Your Character

  1. What does your character do for a livelihood? How? And for whom?
  2. What are their immediate goals? The number one thing they want to do right now?
  3. What events, people, or talents brought your character to this path in life (their goals and/or their livelihood)?
  4. What are their hopes/dreams? What do they hope to accomplish ‘some day’?
  5. Does your character know or know of any of the other characters (this should be mutually agreed upon, but need not be mutual knowledge or relation; such as spying on someone, unrequited friendship, etc.)?
  6. There may be additional questions to answer based on your campaign, check with the GM or the adventure log for any additional campaign-specific questions.

Additional Questions – Gimble’s Guild

Please also consider and answer the following questions relevant to this campaign, specifically:

Welcome to Gimble’s Guild

Character Creation

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