Padded Armor of Security

Armor, rare (requires attunement, padded armor)

This long, white padded jacket features several adjustable straps and buckles to secure the wearer in this soft armor, resembling training safety equipment. When attuned, the armor resizes snugly to the wearer’s body and adjusts securely and comfortably to fit them perfectly.

While wearing this padded armor, you have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, frightened, incapacitated, or stunned.

Padded Armor of Madness (cursed)

In actuality this armor is cursed. It provides the same benefit, but upon attunement, you become afflicted with a different long-term madness when you don the armor, or every day at dawn. On a 56-100, instead roll an indefinite madness, which only lasts until the next dawn.

Padded Armor of Security

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