The World of Temmuren

The Sacred Grotto

Blessings gained and treasures ventured

  • Tora noted a mystical altar off shore near the ancestral island, where collections of magical trinkets may be offered up for greater boons and suggested the group make offerings in preparation to seek out the sealing tree
    • Items the group tithed to the grotto:
      • Scale of the First Dragons
      • Oliver
        • Bag of Tricks
        • Ring of Heightened Spells
        • (potentially) Forest Studded Leather
        • (potentially) Tome of Origami Armor
      • Thursday
        • Scroll of Absorption
        • Padded Armor of Security
        • Puzzlebox
      • Rhuul
        • Potion Gut Impulse
        • Potion of Aberrant Transformation
        • Potion of Protection from Beasts
        • Boots of Elven Kind
        • Slither Mail
      • Pav
        • Kraken Ring
        • (The unidentified armor that I’m pretty sure was the Baldric of Lightning Reflexes)


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