The World of Temmuren

Sister Thursday's Journal: Induin Tawar and Catching a Predator

From the hand of a Sister Thursday Twenty-Fifth,

Writer’s Formal Title: Day 237. Fourth Week of Eighth Month, Scribe and Scholar.
Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 06/31/2017
Location: Induin Tawar / Sea of Trees
Province: Induin Tawar Proper
Path: Unmarked path branching from Western Gate, Veld Nuin Drive towards the town of Garen
Landmark: No significant landmarks passed, mile markers seem inconsistent. Walk to and from took approximately 8 hours for a group of seven peoples.
Events Summary:

  • Party entered Induin Tawar, and were almost immediately requested to visit the Queen Tora (First of her name, may quills etch her legacy)
  • Unfortunately, I made a fool of myself.
  • Party was informed on several matters we could assist with:
  • Frost conditions abnormal for the current season — seems mostly centered to city
  • A banished ward of the former King (May the scholars write him into memory) was presented as the afflicting party. Presumed goal was revenge on the noblefolk of Induin Tawar and violent seizing of the throne.
  • Ships have been sealed into the harbor, cutting off trade and emigration from the beleaguered capital.
  • Children have been getting stolen from the city.
  • Strange iron toys given to children.
  • An ancient artifact was given to the elves by the party. The artifact appears to be mechanized seed-spreader from ~300 BF. Workmanship seems consistent with Sleeve-Tree movement common to that era. (See Illustrations pamphlet p.38). Potentially a solution or aid against the famine.
  • Party decided to pursue the kidnappings first. Thus Far, there are no discrete figures for total number of kidnapped children, but I may at least record the names from the names into memory (May ink give them peace): Aust Fellowkin, Barbara ‘Bar-bar’ Willow, Phaniel CosVunten, Numerion ‘Numie’ Turner, Elena Turntrunk, Lorraine Last-of-Quiver.
  • Pav was brave enough to pose as the child in question, followed closely by Oliver and Thursday.
  • When a potential kidnapper was confronted giving these iron toys to children, Oliver was able to enchant the being into guiding us to its lair.
  • Party follows target into the woods
  • At a crossroads, a soldier is found in the woods, later revealed to be an Oni in disguise.
  • Combat ensued. Details are muddy, but suffice to say that the combat was long and difficult. Much in the same way as was over dramatically spoken at the Spokes; ‘First, steel flashes. Then, memory.’ That having been said, this has less to do with flimsy excuses for war crimes and more to do with how panic affects recollection.
  • Oliver, Sister Thursday (Author), and Pav mutually struck a killing blow to one of the two Oni. Mubaj pointed out just too late that we needed a subject for questioning. Second target had fled
  • Second target was pursued. Singularly by Rhuul in the form of some kind of horrible, bipedal lizard. I do not have a proper classification due to both the speed with which Rhuul took off as well as it being unpleasant to look at
  • As a group, the remainder of our party continued in pursuit.
  • We later found out that Rhuul was in solo combat with the Oni for some time before being placed under the effects of Charm Person. When asked for comment on symptoms and after effects, subject experienced a lack of the most common symptoms (Nausea, disphoria, pressure in the lower elemental nodules of the brainpan, scaleitch, verdenting of vision, or a waxing of the importance of promises)
  • Subject did report a positive sensation of peace and calm.
  • “For one hour. Just a little while. There wasn’t anyone or anything that needed to be killed or trying to kill me.”
  • Secondary party made contact with Rhuul while under Charm Person. A fight was sparked which ultimately resulted in the Enchantment running its course. Deep relief was had by all when Rhuul was able to confirm her identity and inform us about the rest of her encounter (See bullet above).
  • Body of slain Oni was secured by the party and then secured with rope. Brought back to city for reporting, recording, and studying. This scholar is unfamiliar with the fey genus and thus….must consult other scholars.



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