The World of Temmuren

Moonlit Inquisition

In the name of the moon, I shall punish you

  • Rallied a crowd of the townfolk
  • Recovered the Face of Night (magic cowl)
  • Attempted to force wererats to expose themselves to the villagers
  • The group made a heartfelt musical appeal to the wererat leader and his pack
  • Gregory’s group was eager to punish the accused
  • Granite exposed the wererats with moonbeam
  • Gregory and several of his group demanded an execution and discussion escalated
  • The group placed themselves in harm’s way to protect the wererats
  • The town (starting with a stone-throwing child) backed them up
  • Gregory and several others left, resentful towards the group and the town
  • The group separated the wererats and discussed exemption with other two away from their leader
  • These wererats caved immediately, informing the group they were farm-hands here in town who were turned and coerced into working with the original wererat for fear of being found out and killed or killed by him.


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