The World of Temmuren

Body Farming

The party traveled to the farmstead in the distance where they came under attack from a sniper. Shadow of the Melody and Sound of Winter Rain were both incapacitated within the first flaming bolts through the back. Tuss took cover in the cart and drove Shadow to cover to treat him, while Amani Mas’ouda saved Rain and pushed him into cover. After protecting the injured, Komorebi Kinoichizuko, Amani, and Guen Underlin (Guenhyvar Quaress ) all gave chase towards the sniper, but found that they had gone to ground (quite literally) in a series of caves.

Returning to the house, the group found that Tuss and Rain had left to find 1 cart and 2 horses that had run off. Ko rapidly searched the farmstead, finding rotting crops, manure, and corpses, turning his stomach and ultimately exposing he and Guen to disease. Further exploring the property, Tuss found a hatch in the basement, and Guen found the tiny bell that had jostled silently while entering the door was magical. As the group opened the hatch in the basement, they found that too had one of these tiny silent bells, and they took them both. Beneath the house they found a network of labyrinthine tunnels seemingly hewn by rats and ultimately decided to avoid pursuing their assailant into such territory and instead interrogated one of the bodies via speak with dead. Meanwhile, Guen found a small obsidian stone, which once disturbed began to glow and emit heat until it started the farmstead ablaze. The party escaped the building and rounded up the wagons safely, before leaving the burning hovel behind them, the smell of foul deeds burning into the air and their memories.

On the move in the twilight hours, the party found themselves a fortifiable position and dug in to camp for the night, anticipating the return of their assailant and setting an ambush.


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