The World of Temmuren

Across the bay and over the trees

The group closes towards the heart of the woods

  • The group discussed the morality of the decision facing them and boarded Pav’s ship with the other members of the guild to see them off
  • They set out across the bay and encountered Quicklings racing towards the island, who they stopped in their tracks with 2 Tidal Waves, burying them at sea
  • As the group approached the docks of Induin Tawar they spotted large humanoids milling about in the fog, and sailed eastward to avoid them
  • Dropping anchor and taking wing with Rhuul as a pack of Pteradons the group flew inland, spotting more figures, which they identified as trolls, looking for something
  • As the group approached the deep forest, they descended below the canopy and made camp to prepare for the final push to the the ancient sealing tree


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