The World of Temmuren


As the group attempted to catch their breath from narrowly escaping the city they were beset by a huge winged beast, revealed to be Kathar‘s friend Pterry. As the two exchanged boistrous greetings Lady Anuel returned to the deck, announcing that she had found the captain’s chambers and stating with urgency that she needed help with the lock.

Oliver Oxenbrigg went with Lady Anuel to case the captain’s chambers for supplies and ultimately found a fleshy hive in the captain’s chair, which erupted with swarms of wasps. Thinking fast, Oliver blasted the wasps away and Pavillio “Harbinger of the Storm” rushed in and whisked the surprised Lady Anuel to safety. Kathar the Mongoose, Paz and Barry the White joined the battle, becoming engulfed in wasps and Paz fell even more ill as Rhuul Rheleghast joined the fight to help repel the attacking wasps. Together the group dispatched the last of the swarms, and scoured the room for supplies, but Paz fell ill.

Treatment of Paz went poorly between Oliver and Rhuul, until Barry stepped forward and was able to heal Paz’s illness. With the pain relieved, Paz fell into restful sleep. Seeing that this could work, Barry suggested treating the rest and Rhuul insisted (and Lady Anuel agreed) that Lady Anuel should be next.

With all 3 infected party members treated and resting, Pav entered back into the room to report that they had scouted the ship and found 11 infected stowed away in the hold, the only thing between them and group being a quietly latched door on the upper level of the hold.

The group looks over the Captain’s Treasure while considering both what to do about their dangerous cargo and where to sail the ship now that they’re at sea.


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