The World of Temmuren

New Beginnings In Ostiumaris

Cram strangers on a boat for friendship and profit

Brief summary in [ ] to be elaborated on later.

Opportunity in the wake of disaster

[Some strangers meet at a tavern in a hollowed city for work]

Simon Vardar
Miro Artifix
Duter Seurss
Simon Vardar

[They meet some odd associates traveling to faraway places]

Gimble the Nimble
Lady Anuel
Sla’ath the Grim
Sylvira the Sharp
Lady Rin
Kathar the Mongoose

[The travelers voice their preference, but are pushed out by Lady Anuel into Gimble’s group]

“C” Legs & Stowaways

[The travelers recover from a night of partying and board Simon’s ship]

[As they depart and at sea, they meet some additional passengers, who appear to be associates of Gimble]


Rock in the Road

[The group makes landfall and sets off to the local branch of Gimble’s Guild, but runs into a large furry obstacle in the road]


[When the group arrives at the guild hall in a nearby settlement, Cernunnos and Granite linger outside the settlement, while the guild members proceed to setup their base of operations and the new initiates are asked to scout 1 of 2 local issues.]

  1. Aggressive animal attacks near frontier towns
  2. A settlement that’s fallen out of touch with others nearby

[The initiates, agreed to investigate these happenings, and Chrys suggests investigating the settlement, but then immediately regrets his suggestion and agonizes over it all night.]


CloudAran CloudAran

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