The World of Temmuren

Miro's Song of Victory

The Boars' Misery

None of Chys’s Plans Survive First Contact With The Enemy… Or The Party

Set upon by boars, Simon Vardar made short work of finishing off Ducter Seurss and leaving him for dead as the boars approached. Clamoring into a tree and hiding, he left behind a bewildered Chrys, who tried to scatter or avoid the boars, but was drawn into battle, and Miro Artifix, determined to protect the distraught young child, Sonnie. Granite thought fast and hid near a tree, appearing like a rock, while Content Not Found: gnome hoisted up The Doctor, and hid him behind some a tree, taking shelter until seeing Chrys under attack and trying to help. Meanwhile, The Mirth was blindsided by a boar and carried away into the woods, much to the chagrin of he and the bucking boar.

Miro’s Makin’ Bacon

Miro made short work of 2 boars, while Chrys endured a surprising amount of punishment and flew into a fit of furry rage as Gnome friend was gored unconcious; transforming into something part man, part beast, before Granite and Simon rejoined the fray. Together the remaining members of the excursion finished off the boars, knocking two unconscious and stabilizing a third.

Miro’s Song of Victory

Miro sang a song of his great victory in battle, felling many boars:

The bards will sing of this great bard,
for he did not just sing.
He readied his great swords to fight,
two boars and he did win.

Swine and Twine

Granite revived the gnome with a goodberry and the group decided, after some contention, to rest here beneath the trees, as Miro sang Sonnie and the group a restful lullaby. However, first Simon, Granite, and Chrys agreed to restrain the unconscious boars and bind The Doctor’s hands.

Two Copper Pieces… And One Sock

As the night wore on and Chrys and Simon’s first watch passed, The Doctor awoke while only Granite was awake, cut his bonds on tree bark and approached his weapons besides Granite. Granite blocked him at first, but as he made his intentions to leave the group clear Granite allowed him to pass, as long as he promised to harm nature no more. Rolling his eyes, he agreed and took his belongings, pausing to retrieve 2 copper, which he tried to leave on Simon’s chest as a message. Granite stopped him and was ultimately asked to place the coins himself. Not understanding the message, he agreed. However, when Simon awoke he realized two things: the coins were a death toll to reach the afterlife in many cultures, which implies a death threat to a living person, and The Doctor had taken his sock.

And so the party awoke from a long rest, still before dawn, and wondered where The Doctor had gone to and “OH YEAH! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MIRTH?!”


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