The World of Temmuren

Into the Sea of Trees

Head ’Em Up

Peeling off two patches from Oliver Oxenbrigg’s coat, the group hooked up their wagon and headed northwest, lead by Pavillio “Harbinger of the Storm” into the deep sea of trees between The Myriad Nations of Cor and the Elven homeland of Dôren Marinde.

Move ’Em Out

Reaching into the southern depths of the forest the group witnessed ancient and fantastic trees and foliage; much of which was ill, being choked off or overgrown by weeds and fungus, while succumbing to drought. There the wagon fell afoul of roots and nearly lost a wheel, but Mubaj, True Apostle of Gruumsh deftly maneuvered the cart to spare the wheel and a crash, but still lodged the wagon into thick foliage.


The commotion alerted a cluster of shriekers and violet fungus, but before they could beset upon the cart, Oliver Oxenbrigg and Rhuul Rheleghast defending their position with a Dust Devil and Spike Growth. Meanwhile, Pavillio “Harbinger of the Storm” and Mubaj, True Apostle of Gruumsh set about loosing the cart from the underbrush.

Cut ’Em Up

The group furiously fought off the fungus with whips and spells, holding off their advance until blights began to arrive from the shriekers’ calls. A vine blight attempted to hold fast the group and their wagon, halting the horses, the wagon, and some of the group, but Barry the White struck the creature down and freed the group from its hold before the needle blights could fell Rhuul.

Ride ’Em Out

Together the group loosed the wagon and felled the majority of the violet fungus and blights, finally freeing the cart as another group of blights arrived. Again the group felled a vine blight and secured their escape path, sustaining a final hail of needles from the needle blights before making their escape.

With Rhuul still suffering some wounds, and Pav’s horse badly injured, the group proceeds swiftly toward the nearest Elven village through these perilous woods.


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