The World of Temmuren

Gnomish Special Forces

After a tense rest at sea aboard the ship the group set about clearing the infected in the cargo hold, and extricated some supplies from the cargo. Before long the expedition found themselves in the waters of a Gnomish port. A few members of the crew made their way into port and relayed their message from the besieged city of Ostiumaris and were welcomed with open, if questioning, arms.

Meanwhile, back aboard the ship Rhuul Rheleghast and Paz watched over the recently cleared ship and attempted to examine several magic items. At the request of Gnomish port authorities the two disembarked the ship to allow them to clean and clear the vessel from quarantine (though not without lengthy discussion and skepticism).

Once the ship and each of its crew members had been sequestered and examined they were cleared to move about the city. With a sizable force of Gnomish soldiers organized and mobilized overnight, their leaders engaged the group to find the source of the infected attack before it threatens their nation and their people as well. The group was offered material and information support, as well as a significant reward for any information they could gather while the gnomish forces are indisposed. Lady Anuel bid her farewells and pursued her own connections to aide the guild and the group in putting an end to the threat and the next day the rest of the group set out to decide their next plan of action.

Amongst themselves they debated their options and plotted a potential course to the great forest north of Ostiumaris to seek information and aide from the reclusive guild druid Cernunnos. As they departed, the group saw Gnomish special forces riding West in force to relieve their neighbors and their friends at the guild and prepared to depart themselves for whatever their next destination may be.


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