The World of Temmuren

Gifts from the Guild

  • Gimble provides a map of the surrounding region and marks:
    • Cernunnos’s forest
    • The nearest towns by land
    • The nearest port (within Gnome territory)
    • The nearest village in elven territory
    • The nearest elven port
  • Gimble also provides:
    • Various coin an valuables amounting to 300 gp
    • A potion of Gut Impulse – It will help you make a single prediction of your future actions, and your health will fare similarly
    • Medusa’s Rope – I’m not certain what this does, but it’s activated by touching the rope and saying “suffer my gaze.”
    • Scroll of Wild Magic (Scroll): This scroll appears to have been pieced together from other scrolls. You can use an action to read it and unleash a wild magic surge (PHB 104).
  • Zoga provides 3 potions, 1 scroll:
    • Potion of Enlarge/Reduce to Paz
    • Potion of Climbing
    • Scroll of Fog Cloud
    • Potion of Healing
  • Lady Rin quietly drops off a pouch containing 10 goodberries and an herbalism kit


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