The World of Temmuren

Flowers and Rot

Buzz Off

After making camp to eat spider and rest, the group was awoken late in the last watch by the buzzing of a nearby swarm of wasps and stole off into the morning, evading the wasps, but leaving Barry the White’s armor and the rest of the camp behind. Rhuul Rheleghast doubled back as a spider and brought the camp back to the rest of the group in web sacks, and the group un-webbed their gear and finished their rest.

A Peculiar New Ally

While on watch, Rhuul was approached by Cernunnos, who compared findings with the group about the afflicted animals in the forest and terrifying events unfolding within Ostiumaris. Cernunnos mentioned her concern for the forest guardian, who hadn’t been seen in some time, but mention that perhaps they could help. The group agreed to look for the forest guardian near its hollow, but sent Rhuul ahead with Cernunnos to avoid impinging on the guardian’s sacred home.

Her Mentor & Friend

When Cernunnos and Rhuul arrived at the hollow, they found a stash of sacred relics, keepsakes, and valuagles, but the forest guardian had clearly not been there in some times. Cernunnos explained to Rhuul that the guardian couldn’t use many of these things, because they are a unicorn, but that they were important none the less. As the two prepared to leave, they caught signs of another approaching; a snorting horse, a clinking chain, and the smell of flowers mixed with rot. The two hid within the hollow and Rhuul watched on as a rider in a stained white cloak came into view upon the unicorn who must be the forest’s guardian. The strange figure hunched over in the saddle, adorned in flowers and carrying both a staff topped with a wasp hive and a censer emanating the same spores they found afflicting the people and creatures of the outlying lands. As the rider drew near, the guardian paused outside the hollow, and the rider looked in Rhuul’s direction, but ultimately moved on.

A Hope & A Prayer

Rhuul and Cernunnos returned to the group with the guardian’s treasures and implements in tow, equipping Pav with The Elemental Artisans of water, and discussing a plan to try and cure the forest guardian using Barry the White’s healing power.


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