The World of Temmuren

Saviors of the Forest

Battle at the Hollow

The group assaulted the rider at the Hollow, overcoming several giant elk while Oliver Oxenbrigg felled the rider out of a great tree. After a pitched battle, Rhuul Rheleghast was able restrain the forest guardian long enough for Barry the White to heal the afflicted guardian. This sent the rider into a rage, nearly killing Barry and badly injuring the rest of the party. However, the party retaliated swiftly, breaking the rider’s concentration and dispersing the deadly cloud before giant boars could reinforce him and rending his form until he could sustain himself no more, collapsing into, dead, dying, and scattering insects.


The group, winded from battle, were thanked by an indebted forest guardian and granted sanctuary in the unicorn’s hollow. The unicorn set about healing the creatures of the forest, while Cernunnos set about nursing the defeated giant elk to stable condition. While treating the elk, Cernunnos brought the group the rider’s magical items to do with as they would.


  • Hive Staff
    • A staff topped with a hive, which functions as a Staff of Swarming Insects, but can also be used to dominate insects.
  • Censer of Germination
    • A censer of ancient Elven construction, a plant or fungus placed into the censer grows and germinates at an alarming rate, spreading spores or seeds with an action, and growing at an accelerated rate. Plants and fungus created by the censer obey basic commands given by it’s possessor at the time, and pass that will to future generations.
  • Bracers of Defense


The group burned the fungus present in the censer, and Paz cleansed the items taken from the rider, examining the unusual construction of the censer, and deliberated on their questions/requests of the forest guardian, which they would ask after a well deserved rest from their arduous battle.


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