The World of Temmuren

Captain's Treasure

  • 300 gp worth of coin, gems, and jewelry
  • Captain’s Coat of Useful Items
    • Robe of Useful Items with the following patches:
      • 1 x dagger
      • 1 x bullseye lantern (filled and lit)
      • 1 x steel mirror
      • 1 × 10-foot pole
      • 1 x Hempen rope (50 ft, coiled)
      • 1 x sack
      • 1 x iron door (up to 10 feet wide and 10 feet high, barred on one side of your choice), which you can place in an opening you can reach; it conforms to fit the opening, attaching and hinging itself
      • 1 x wooden ladder (24 feet long)
      • 3 x riding horse with saddle bags
      • a pit (a cube 10 feet on a side), which you can place on the ground within 10 feet of you
      • 4 x potions of healing
      • 1 x rowboat
      • 1 x spell scroll containing one spell of 1st-3rd level (spell cannot be determined until removed)
      • 1 x window (2 feet by 4 feet, up to 2 feet deep), which can be placed on any vertical surface you can reach
  • Servant Boots
    • (Wondrous Item): While not wearing these polished black boots, you can use an action to speak their command word. You summon a shapeless force, as if you had cast the spell Unseen Servant. The servant is invisible, except for wearing the boots. The boots can’t be used this way again until the next dawn.
  • Tankard of Truth
    • (Wondrous Item): When this silver tankard is filled and both you and at least one other creature drink from it, its enchantment is automatically activated. Each creature which has drunk from the tankard must make a DC 13 Charisma saving throw. On a failed save, the creature can’t speak a deliberate lie to any other creature which has drunk from the tankard. The effect lasts until the tankard is empty, or for 10 minutes. The tankard can’t be used this way again until the next dawn.
  • Strange looking mithril baton lodged in the hive, as if self-inflicted


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