The World of Temmuren

Between Boars & A Hard Place

More intra-party fighting under threat from wild animals

Consolation & Investigation

The group investigates the animal attack in town, while Granite stabilizes the two surviving bears and Miro consoles Sonnie. The group determined the settlement was attacked in a coordinated fashion by boars and bears and that Sonnie’s family were most likely slain (and hidden in the floorboards by Simon. Miro sent a lyrical message back with Pterry.

The Ballad of Miro

The adventures of our party as told by Miro:
We arrived at Locke’s Homestead, and found a dead body,
And soon three large bears, attacked our great party.
Some members were downed, but stabilized they were,
And one little girl, was found in this whirl.
Her name is Sonnie, or so she says,
And we believe here parents are dead.
So now we are healing and dealing with this,
Send us your thoughts please – it seems much’s amiss.

Altimerian Standoff

Before the bears awoke and the sun set, the party departed the settlement. Along the road Ducter Seurss reacted to something strange, which Chrys accidentally struck. While Chrys searched for the invisible presence he struck, Simon Vardar and the Doctor got into a standoff at bladepoints. As the situation escalated into shouting, Sonnie began to cry.


Before long, Granite and the Doctor sensed approaching animals and as more of the group heard and saw the boars approaching the situation between the two escalated, with Granite telling the group to go, as well as Chrys and Content Not Found: null interposing physically to stop Simon and the Doctor.

Finally the situation came to a head as Simon attacked the Doctor as the boars come into view to all, just 60 ft away, despite the Gnome’s efforts to impede him, physically and mentally.


CloudAran CloudAran

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