The World of Temmuren

An uneasy peace, and hopeful trust
  • Su’ut approached the group demanding surrender
  • The group managed to deescalate the situation into tense negotiations
  • Su’ut demanded the drow and unseelie fey be released before negotiations of peace could take place
  • The group ensured the release of the drow and unseelie fey on the following conditions:
    • Su’ut and Tora would use their influence to negotiate non-aggression and keep each of their people in line to seek a diplomatic solution
    • The group would restore the sealing tree to its place in the forest, but release the part of its magic which sealed away the drow beneath the earth and the unseelie fey in the feywild
  • To ensure this outcome, Su’ut demanded The Spade of the Earth, at least until his people were fully evacuated from their purgatory
  • Tora granted this, and after healing the sealing tree, she surrendered the artifact to him as a gesture of good will, binding their agreement
  • Thursday went with Su’ut to document this historic moment
  • Oliver made plans to open an organization to help the elves rebuild, organize, and defend themselves
  • Rhuul stayed to help Oliver, but also became a fearsome enforcer keeping order in these tense times and Su’ut used this to turn her into a boogieman to keep the unseelie fey in line
  • Pav finally had their ship back, and open seas to sail once more. Having saved a city and an entire country this seemed only just reward.
  • Gimble only asked that Pav ferry the guild to and from Altimer to aid in the rebuilding effort here and the ongoing mercenary efforts there, while the group still awaits word from the guild members who traveled south to the dwarven mountains and deserts deep in the south.
  • The group levels to 10 and we’ll be on a hiatus (only playing side-content or other games) for at least a couple months
Passage to the Sealing Tree
I don't want to let the little hairy rock daddies tie me up
  • The group discussed their options for dealing with the sealing tree, drow, unseelie fey, and Su’ut
  • While approaching the grove of the sealing tree, they encountered the boundary of the sacred ground and were discovered by quicklings
  • The group encountered a group of Korred guarding the sacred ground, but convinced them to escort them to the tree to check on it
  • In the grove, the group encountered the surviving drow from their previous battles and in heated discussion asked to speak with Su’ut
  • 1 of the drow agreed to grant pass on this request, but when he called out to Su’ut the sealing tree transformed into an immense wooden spider, and carried Su’ut atop it
  • As the tree transformed, it tore up its roots, leaving a fissure, and unstable magical energy in its wake
  • Tension hangs in the air, but a solemn silence fell over the 3 groups present, unsure what may come next
  • The group leveled to 9!
Across the bay and over the trees
The group closes towards the heart of the woods
  • The group discussed the morality of the decision facing them and boarded Pav’s ship with the other members of the guild to see them off
  • They set out across the bay and encountered Quicklings racing towards the island, who they stopped in their tracks with 2 Tidal Waves, burying them at sea
  • As the group approached the docks of Induin Tawar they spotted large humanoids milling about in the fog, and sailed eastward to avoid them
  • Dropping anchor and taking wing with Rhuul as a pack of Pteradons the group flew inland, spotting more figures, which they identified as trolls, looking for something
  • As the group approached the deep forest, they descended below the canopy and made camp to prepare for the final push to the the ancient sealing tree
The Sacred Grotto
Blessings gained and treasures ventured
  • Tora noted a mystical altar off shore near the ancestral island, where collections of magical trinkets may be offered up for greater boons and suggested the group make offerings in preparation to seek out the sealing tree
    • Items the group tithed to the grotto:
      • Scale of the First Dragons
      • Oliver
        • Bag of Tricks
        • Ring of Heightened Spells
        • (potentially) Forest Studded Leather
        • (potentially) Tome of Origami Armor
      • Thursday
        • Scroll of Absorption
        • Padded Armor of Security
        • Puzzlebox
      • Rhuul
        • Potion Gut Impulse
        • Potion of Aberrant Transformation
        • Potion of Protection from Beasts
        • Boots of Elven Kind
        • Slither Mail
      • Pav
        • Kraken Ring
        • (The unidentified armor that I’m pretty sure was the Baldric of Lightning Reflexes)
Warm Reception
The group returns to Induin Tawar with the children
  • Caught up with Tora and Pav, found out the drow was trying to assassinate Tora and using the children to keep her from fighting freely
  • Mubaj and the children evacuated, and Pav and Tora fought off the attacker
  • The group returned to fanfare in Induin Tawar
  • They also found out that in Tora’s absence, her vassals had planned an evacuation with the merfolk and allied vessels to evacuate the city to their ancestral island, where they could be protected
  • The group helped with preparations, received further gratitude from the citizens, and paid a visit to the Sisters’ of the Calendar’s abbey
  • Tora noted that the treasure chest the group had been hauling around was cursed, and offered to lift the curse to get at the remaining treasure:
  • Tora noted a mystical altar off shore near the ancestral island, where collections of magical trinkets may be offered up for greater boons and suggested the group make offerings in preparation to seek out the sealing tree (see The Sacred Grotto )
Night Terrors
Nightmares and other horrors of the mind
  • After escaping the hag’s hut with the children, the group traveled west back to the capitol, making camp in the woods
  • During the night, the party experienced a dark and perhaps perhaps prophetic dream
  • Settling back to finish resting in the late night hours, the group was roused again by unearthly howling and were beset upon by yeth hounds
  • As the group engaged the hounds, they found they were being led by 2 drow
  • The children scattered to the west, pursued by Tora, Mubaj, and Pav
  • One of the drow pursued the group and the children into the night, while the hounds and the remaining drow engaged the rest of the party at their camp
  • After a pitched battle with the horrifying psychic, Thursday and Oliver fell unconcious, but Barry and Rhuul managed to finish the last hound and ward off the drow attacker, who escaped into the night
  • Tending to the wounded, Barry revived Oliver and Thursday, and the group’s thoughts turned to Tora, and the children heading west
Horsin' around 2
Neighver Again
  • Group dispatched the remaining centaur, then cornered the last one
  • In a still heated encounter, the centaur dove for its commander’s pack and was felled before it could get to it
  • In the bags the group found communications from gnolls telling the centaurs to expect the supply caravan and to attack them
  • The group treated the horses are rode high into camp to make their deliver (passing a familiar homestead along the way)
  • At the mine, they discovered a beleaguered military force, besieged by goblinoids, overstretched, and undersupplied
  • The group agreed to escort the same caravan back to Pioneer Outpost with the first shipment of Arcanite back from the mines in quite some time
  • The group negotiated a stop at the nearby homestead as part of a ‘safe route’ back and prepared to depart
Horsin' around
No horse-butts about it

[Placeholder] – Met the new folks, reported back on Golden Bluff and got paid 450 platinum, heard about some new missions, started escorting a caravan, tried to head through the woods, and ran into a centaur ambush (still in progress).

A Rat's Tail
Tasings & truths
  • Received another message from Prima: “Okay, so I just talk into—at this? (YES, JUST TALK) Oh, uh, sorry 14 um, well we were fighting witches just now, well hags—”
  • The group came to an agreement with the turned wererats to offer them asylum in Freehold at the ‘Hard Rock Cafe’ (Winona & Takota’s tavern)
  • The group interrogated the leader, getting some information, but unable to learn the identity of their leader
  • Chrys had an episode, nearly killing the wererat, tasing Granite, & being bit by Granite in bear-form
  • Granite then spent a lengthy time talking to the prisoner (and having a flashback), before the group ultimately decided to execute him; first by acid, then finished with a sword by Granite to avoid him ultimately dying by human(ish) hands.
  • The group made their way back to Freehold, spotting a group of Gnolls from overhead on the way
  • Winona & Takota agreed to take in the wererats as workers and they all began uneasily getting settled
  • The group returned to Pioneer Outpost and the guild to debrief and determine their next plan of action
  • The group leveled to 7!
Hag House Party
Child abduction, T-rexes, and flood insurance
  • The group followed Tora’s entourage eastward until catching up with Pavillio “Harbinger of the Storm” east of the city.
  • Eventually the group realized the Queen was being led back to the annis hag’s territory
  • Having drawn back, the group made their way through a swamp to a large structure
  • As they approached, a large, creature pocked with iron growths emerged and ushered them towards the structure, holding something behind its back
  • Oliver subjected it to a Suggestion spell and caused it to emerge from the house with a child in tow
  • A pitched battle ensued, during which Tora blasted an exit out the back and fled with the children
  • Thursday,, Mubaj, and Barry covered her retreat, while Oliver, Rhuul, and Pav besieged the hag’s hut from the front and above with spells, tooth, and flash flooding
  • Enraged at the discovery of the escaped children the annis hag turned into a T-rex and chased the children and their saviors into the swamp
  • Meanwhile Oliver and Pav cornered the night hag inside the hut, and Rhuul, her snake, and some pixies dealt with the sea hag and assaulted the T-rex with spells
  • Pav and Oliver’s assault on the night hag finally ended the magic rendering the annis hag a T-rex as it was nashing on Thursday, but not before her final act of resistance rendered her unconcious
  • The annis hag approached the children, threatening Thursday’s life and demanding their return
  • Barry and Tora stood resolute, unwilling to give up the children, nor to let Thursday simply die
  • In a blinding flash of fire Thursday was revived and in that moment Barry, Tora, and she unleashed a barrage of attacks that felled the annis
  • Meanwhile the night hag escaped through a wall and finally eluded Pav, Oliver, Rhuul, and a horde of dust mephits by escaping to the ethereal plane
  • The group began searching the hut, mending their wounds, and seeing to the children, but when they caught sight of the night hag attempting to revive the annis hag, they made short work of it, finally ending the threat of all of the hags
  • They then set off west to return the children safely to the city
  • The Group leveled up to 8!

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