The World of Temmuren

Moonlit Inquisition
In the name of the moon, I shall punish you
  • Rallied a crowd of the townfolk
  • Recovered the Face of Night (magic cowl)
  • Attempted to force wererats to expose themselves to the villagers
  • The group made a heartfelt musical appeal to the wererat leader and his pack
  • Gregory’s group was eager to punish the accused
  • Granite exposed the wererats with moonbeam
  • Gregory and several of his group demanded an execution and discussion escalated
  • The group place themselves in harm’s way to protect the wererats
  • The town (starting with a stone-throwing child) backed them up
  • Gregory and several others left, resentful towards the group and the town
  • The group separated the wererats and discussed exemption with other two away from their leader
  • These wererats caved immediately, informing the group they were farm-hands here in town who were turned and coerced into working with the original wererat for fear of being found out and killed or killed by him.
Fantasy Loot Dispenser

The following items were wrested from the rusty chest taken from the shipwreck off the sacred isle:

More yet rests in the chest (you can hear it, like a present!)

Rat Stew
"I taste hairs and I know things..."
  • Got the townfolk to clear out the silo
  • Found some suspicious hair near an opened chute in the silo (silo is likely emptied)
  • Chrys determines the hair to be of wererat origin
  • The group hatches an elaborate plan to flush out the saboteurs
  • Wererats and rat swarms attack in the night, stealing the Face of Night
  • The group dispatches the rat swarms and captures all 3 wererats (now in human form)
Prone on the Ceiling
  • The group attacked the Oni, liberating their hostages immediately and swiftly felled the two Oni, permitting neither to escape (and destroyed Tora’s chambers in short order).
  • Pav is tailing the Queen and her entorage
  • NJ owes the group a chest full of (rolled) treasure
Golden Bluff
Notes for now

People the party met in town:

  • Helena – Food ‘leader’
  • Greggory – Dude with an axe to grind (actually, brought up the traitors thing though)
  • Rolf – Got stabbed
  • Edwin – GB PI
Sister Thursday's Journal: Liberty at Last
The group returns from sea to a recouping capitol

From the hand of a Sister Thursday Twenty-Fifth,

“There’s a sound of a lake alongside the heavy footfalls you’d figure for an Allosaurus running on water. There’s no sounds of birds. Devastated by a surprise winter before any ancient migration told them thought to flee south. The sun beats down on their bloated, duped bodies dotting the channel.

“—So you can just record whatever you like?”
“Yeah, right now. I’m recording right now.”
“That’s fucked up.”
“…I-I’m sorry? I can turn it off if you like.”
“You said this thing makes pictures, right?”
“I mean, it can. I don’t have that quite figured out just yet -”
Why not
“I mean, I could have it going I just don’t quite get it
You’re a scholar, why can’t you figure it out
“Th-there’s, uh, see there was a schizm in common draconic runes and meanings in the last half of the 9th -”
What are you, stupid? You researched this
“I c-could have gotten this but I don’t have any of my reference books right n-”
Prove to them that this is hard or they’ll think you’re an idiot too
“See how the t-how the characters are sometimes straight and sometimes have these spiraling serifs? It’s, uh, it’s -
it’S HARD”

“Oh god damn it, it’s still recording. Uh, well so we just left the island — The Isle of Carter - and we now have the Spade of the Earth in hand. I’ve given it over to Rhuul who you can see if I- oh shit the video isn’t on. Right. Well, she’s pulling our boat right now in dinosaur form”
Indistinct Dinosaur Sounds Happen
“She is asking me to state how, uh, quoting Rhuul here; How fucking awesome this is, y’all.”
Dinosaur Noises
“I am not repeating that.”
Dinosaur NOISES
“Because I’m a scribe and this is all already extremely unprofessional.”
The Keepers don’t record histories written hertics and abominations.
“We’re headed back to Induin Tawar after trying to hunt the Night Hag that had attacked us earlier today. We’re hoping we can rush to the World Tree and restore it before the Hag can harm the Queen, long may She reign.
There aren’t any definite paths right now. We don’t have a guarantee that this will work or that we can get it done in time, but we have to try something. At the very least, as soon as we get in town we’re going to check in and see how the Queen is doing. I have all my fingers crossed that she’ll be fine. We’ve really exhausted our other options to protect Her other than resealing the Fae.
This has been Sister Thursday Twenty-Fifth… uh, Day 237. Fourth Week of Eighth Month”

Additional notes that don’t work in fiction:
- We had just walked in on two Oni holding the Queen’s retainers hostage
- Pav was invisible and tailing the Queen
- Rhuul was going out of her way to make the elven soldiers feel uncomfortable
- There was evidence that the Queen had been healed via Greater Restoration ritual.

Additional notes

  • Message from Jean-Claude Lion in Altimer
    • “Good people of Primo, I hear your words. Be known that the great Jean-Claude and the Bandits will soon be reaching the farthest reaches–" (cuts off here)
Top Dogs
Breaking the Blockade to Golden Bluff
  • Jean-Claude Lion got Rings of Feather Falling and Jumping, using all the salvage he sold
  • Chrys tried to activate the warforged arcanite reactor and melted a bit of his workspace, but was able to apply his research of blueprints and this prototype to engineer his own arcanite reactor to power a mechanical giant eagle
  • The group got updates on current events on the frontier from Gimble the Nimble
    • Suspicious figures were seen wandering around the previously abandoned and scavenged town of Freehold
    • Golden Bluff is blockaded by wolves and tensions run high as food stores run low
    • Military supply lines are being cut-off by raiders to the East, a high bounty and military contracts are offered for their defeat
  • The group received a message from the guild in northern Prima:
    • Evil actors are attempting to destroy the world tree, free the drow. Causing famine, plague, blizzards here. Attempting to alleviate. Elves not much help, unsurprisingly. Cheers!
  • Jean-Claude Lion replied with his own message (which unfortunately was cut-off, due to the 25 word limit):
    • “Good people of Primo, I hear your words. Be known that the great Jean-Claude and the Bandits will soon be reaching the farthest reaches of this great realm, and when their brave hearts reach your town, rest easy, for we shall give you your just. We shall give you your peace. We shall give you your glory!”
  • The group traveled westward to Golden Bluff, passing by the town of Freehold once more, and finding that the myserious figures amongst the ghost town were Takota and Winona, the werewolves the group had once saved from a makeshift gnoll ‘prison’ nearby.
    • They offered the group some hospitality as they headed to Golden Bluff
  • As the group approached Golden Bluff they were attacked by a pack of wolves and dire wolves
    • Throughout a heated battle more and more wolves arrived, and the group fought valiantly on through howling and waves of reinforcements, until none remained
    • Now the group, battered but not beaten, approaches Golden Bluff to ascertain the situation and liberate its peoples
Under the Sea
Darling it's better, down where it's wetter
Battlus Interruptus
  • 2 drow in the drink (near where the mast used to be
  • 1 tree, 2 mounds, in the hole
  • 1 mound rounding the ring
  • Rhuul (successfully) hiding behind the boat-butt
  • Thursday is flying between the bay & boat (w/Guidance)
Salvage, success and a swashbuckler
He followed us home, can we keep him?
  • The group found a new friend, a bigger than life swashbuckler, and cut him into the salvage operation after he helped them fend off a pack of winter wolves
  • The group identified the following additional:
  • Upon return, the party negotiated the return of 2/3 of the objectives for salvage and were nearly denied their salvage rights for breach of contract, but their employers saw fit to take what had been recovered and generously let the group keep the rest despite their contract dictating they should get nothing without recovering the necessary components
  • Secretly, Chrys had kept the core of what appears to be another being like Granite

Also, footnote, Jeff’s character has these:


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