The World of Temmuren

High magic and the technological renaissance

A world full of magic and the supernatural


Arcanite – whetting the appetite of nations



A growing world full of bright minds and scientific advancement


Races and Subraces

For more information on the core races in this setting or additional races and subraces available in this campaign, see Races And Subraces


The World



Major Continents

  • Prima – The 1st and largest continent
  • Altimer – The 2nd largest and most recently discovered continent


  • Myriad Nations of Cor – Unified republic of the human homeland, sprawling across eastern central prima around the great bay
  • Republic of Fortuna – Foundling nation on the continent of Altimer, composed mostly of humans and gnomes, but notably many less common native races, such as shifters and even some goblinoids.
  • Dôren Marinde (Country of the fruit trees) – Elven homelands in the northwest of Prima


  • Gaer -O Nimloths (the sea of trees) – thick ancient forest sprawling across the Elven nation, at whose deepest regions not even sunlight reaches its floor.


  • Ostiumaris (the gate to the sea) – Port town, commercial capitol of the Myriad Nations of Cor
  • Induin Tawar (heart of the woods) – Sprawling elvish city built into trees and caves in the northwest where the forest meets the sea,

The World of Temmuren

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