The World of Temmuren

Frantic fight by moonlight
Oh shit, Chrys was right
  • Party hears howl from inside fort after reaching it
  • Misgnomer is concerned about the prisoners and Chrys is convinced they’re being turned into lycanthropes
  • Simon rushes to the door and unbars it.
  • The group opens the door, finding a werewolf over some broken stools, dead bodies, and shredded ropes
  • Chrys spots a smaller side room in the fort and rushes to investigate, finding a second werewolf who traps him in the enclosure
  • The first werewolf turns on the party, attacking Granite and Miro Artifix
  • Simon lands what should be a deadly blow, but it does not find purchase well and he flees into the dimly lit night
  • Chrys uses a potion to escape onto the wall, before being pulled back down with the werewolf
  • Misgnomer enters the room and stares down the werewolf
  • In a resulting moment of confusion, Chrys breaks free before the werewolf climbs over the wall and rushes off to the south
  • Meanwhile, Miro and Granite wear down the other werewolf and finish it off with Chrys’s help
  • Misgnomer, who had fallen into a trance for the remainder of combat, rushes to stabilize the no-longer-a-werewolf after they fall unconscious, having reverted back into the form of one of the prisoners spotted by Chrys, Miro, Misgnomer a few days prior.
  • Simon is attacked in the dark by gnolls, fells one and is downed by arrows
  • The rest of the group hears werewolf howling to the south
  • Granite reverts to humanoid form and says that he hears gnolls on the hunt to the south
  • Chrys asks where Simon is and Misgnomer points to the south with urgency
Fuck This Quest Log
Necromancers and investment opportunities, mostly

Return to Pioneer Outpost

  • Group returned to Pioneer Outpost
  • Group leveled up to 4th
  • Group reported back about Freehold and the prisoners taken to the forest fort
  • Group was told about Gnomish Workshop & Golden Bluff

Message to other guild contingents

“Animals making coordinated attacks on settlements. Gnolls working with unknown humanoids: fort east of Freehold, captured freeholdians. The friends of Rodney’s Legacy will investigate. Over”

Group travels back to the forest fort

  • Miro is turned invisible by Chrys to scout the fort
  • Group hears a howl from within the fort

Senior guild members investigate the gnomish workshop

Brooding and Boring: Unnecessary Recap Flavor
A conversation between Thursday and Pav.

(Optional as fuck)

Pav sat on the riverbank, occasionally shooting a glowering look at Barry, who had taken his breastplate off to dry in the sun after his dip in the river. He was relaxing with the others, eating a heel of bread and laughing along with the elves at some meandering tale Oliver was spinning for their enjoyment.

Stupid Barry. Not that this most recent altercation with the pixies and jellies was his fault exactly- just that no one else seemed as skeptical as they should. Barry had the gal to actually verbalize his naiveté. Pav was angry with Barry, the elves for being useless and not able to help themselves sooner, (or at all, ) but Pav was especially angry with themself.

They had checked the bridge- they had known something was up, and were still feeling ashamed that they had set them up to camp two days previous in what turned out to be an astoundingly bad location. Now their wagon and their remaining horses were gone.

“Those who have experienced shipwreck shudder even at a calm sea.” Pav took a ruthless bite out of the shapeless root vegetable Mubaj had conjured and continued brooding- a little black cloud on the edge of a sparkling river.


“There’s actually a fragment of that phrase that is lost in mid-century Draconic-to-Commom translations.” Thursday quietly padded up to Pav. One hand holding out an end of her habit, the other hand moving fluidly and slow, guiding the threads of the fabric back to each other.
“It goes ‘Ergan ou est de vrou ghrepkt’. I lack the real fluency to make that sound right through. It literally states ‘While whoosh-whoosh yell-cackle at pinkmeat’.”

An awkward silence stretches until it turns pregnant. One of Pav’s eyebrows helplessly defies gravity. Thursday contently wings two lost threads closer together, easing a scar on her hem. The silence comes full term as Thursday finishes reviewing what she just said and begins to stutter like a bad motor.
“I d-didn’t finish. Finish that thought. No one knows what pinkmeat means. Or yell-cackle for that matt— Uh, so ‘While the wind cackles at the thinkers below.’. That. That is the whole phrase.”

A half-silence.

“What I— What I mean is that, um, you.” Pav sees a one of the threads twist and shrivel, singed. Thursday takes a breath and several seconds, letting that end of her habit fall softly to her chest. “You did everything in your power. You made calls. You made /good/ calls. The world didn’t comply and that is no mark on you or your capacity as the Leader of this group.”

“Wait, I have no idea what the structure of this team is actually like, I just sort of assumed since peoplelistentoyouwhenyougetthattoneandlookreallydriven-it-was a guess.”


“Leader!” They let out a bark of mirthless laughter and looked away from the stuttering nun. Normally they wouldn’t maintain eye-contact as a form of cruelty, but this one was easy to mess with and it seemed less harmful than burning down buildings. (For example and no reason in particular.)

“Wanna correct any more of my hard-earned-sea-fairin’-wisdom, hot stuff?”

Immediately regretting the jab, Pav waited a beat, sighed, and patted the ground beside them.

“No- it’s not a bad guess, and not a bad tack-on to my eh… thought. About, y’know-” they gesture vaguely to the cracked and charred bridge “-all this.”

“You’ve not been with us long, and we’ve all been together for naught too long ‘neither. Mostly we seem to weigh in fairly even on most calls, though- I’m maybe the loudest when Ollie isn’t insultin’ folk and Rhuul isn’t a great clickin’ spider.”

Pav’s eyes slide to Thursday. “And…Well- I’m the only one with a boat.”

They can’t help but keep a drop of pride from their tone.

Another beat, then changing gears completely to avoid thinking about having, and then losing, their fine ship, Pav turned their little body to face Thursday head on. “What sort of stuff ‘re you writin’ down when you’re not working on blindin’ folk, anyway? It’s not like you’re puttin’ your books in a library n’more.”


Characteristic stiffness sets into Sister Thursday as her mind flashes images. The first spark, the others catching and crawling over the old, dry books like fleas. Her impotent prayers, attempts to call water, buckets she dashed over manuscripts holding the life’s work of hundreds of sages and heroes and clerks.

Uncharacteristic furrowing and poison sets into Thursday’s face. Like a wave on a breaker, the confrontation in her shatters and her face flushes. Six replies come to her mouth, and her arm retroactively raises in accusation again the Captain*.

“Someone needs to keep a record.” Verbally hacking a new path in this social safari. Her arm swinging up into a dramatic declaration. Christ, Thursday. Now you need to act like some windbag to follow that up

((You could—What if we (Am I being too-) change the way— drop — the way you {Did I just start a fight?} hold your hand — it for [What does this mean in Gnomish, again?] another (aggressive?) gesture.))

Thursday absently let her arm go limp. “When I told you I was to chronicle your efforts it was not entirely a lie. I joined the Calendar for a reason. I love recording. History is made by heroes and villains. But it is only recorded by unsung heroes who think to put pen to paper.” A quiet swell of pride “You happen to be a lucky group. Because I happen to be a very unsung good write.”

“I can also shoot lasers out of my fingers and I really want to keep that on the radar.”

“So far I have the events as they are important to my view as a recorder.
1. The Fire
2. my fleeing (With map)
3. the ghost town – Visit 1
4. Displacer Beasts
5. You and yours rescuing me from certain death
6. I realize now your eyes have gone glassy.
7. I am testing if I can just say anything at this moment.
8. I am full of spiders”


Pav, indeed going a little glass-eyed after Thursday’s surprisingly emphatic outburst, realized what she was doing and let out a real bark of laughter.

Something about a genuine streak of confidence in this one-eyed-stuttering-misfiring-bookworm… And how easily she could slip back into a tone as dry as her records, was charming.

Almost like that, Pav went from feeling that this nun was useless and likely little more than a liability, to understanding that she was a useless liability that was likely going to have a damn good part in all of this.

Just then, Mubaj announced that the elves looked strong enough to carry on. There was a collective shuffle as elves got to their feet and gethered what of their possessions they could rescue from the doomed town, and then the doomed wagon.

As the unlikely crew stomped off into the woods, (Barry now, thankfully, back in his breastplate, and Rhuul, thankfully, not a great clicking spider,) Pav thought it pertinent to see what else Thursday had documented of this trek.

“In the bit about saving you, do you mention my name? That’s ‘H-a-r-b-i-n-g-e-r of the S-t-o-r-m’. Or how about the bit where I washed those goops down the river- have you written that bit down yet?”

They helpfully brandished the Cerulean Caress- as if Sister Thursday needed to borrow their pen.


As the Cerulean Caress swings out, Thursday starts a bit. She slides her pen into her clipboard and takes a moment, walking with her eye closed.

“I have just finished a full anatomical write-up of the pixies and won’t bore you with those details. I am soon going to catalog our battle over the Sevren. But there is something worth bringing up now.” Thursday turns, a similar furrow coming across her face. Her eyepatch digging in above and below, bowing out between the pressures and lighting up half of her face. “And I need for you to listen, and actually listen, Pav. Don’t be thinking of the next joke, and don’t be thinking of how to ironically detach yourself. For now.”

“You can control water. I cannot control my fire. I don’t know where this is going to go, but I cannot have another Library burn or an innocent life end because of me and my…infection best as I can guess it’s an infection or a possession wait, no, tangent”

A beat, a breath

“I need you. I need your callousness, and I need your ability with that brush. I don’t know how connected – how j-join- connected my life is with this” her right hand accuses her left eye “I don’t know if you extinguishing me will end me, I don’t know anything more than you and yours already know. What I know, and I need you to know; If I become uncontrollable, if I endanger someone’s life because of these sparks, I beg you to douse me, drown me if you must, erase the thoughts in this head. Don’t make me live as another kind of sinner as well.” Her voice croaks through the last of her plea, her good eye welling up. Begging for a death to avert sin due to a curse she couldn’t conceive of a week ago.


“I- eh-” The smirk slid from Pav’s face. " -‘course I’ll put you out, Sister."

They didn’t know what else to say.

Logistics would need to be considered of course- a heaftier water skin, and careful allocation of the brush’s manipulative energies- but Pav was caught off guard by Thursday’s emotional reaction to the ask. Perhaps Pav hadn’t considered just how fortuitous their meeting was so soon after Thursday’s er… series of incendiary discoveries.

“I expect I’m to use my own judgement as to when that’s needed?”

“…and what in the salty sea is a Sevren?”


Thursday breathes a long sigh of relief, her shoulders slide lower than they have been for a week, muscles she had not thought of showing their soreness.

“Yes, I expect you to make your own judgement.” She let the full thought hang in her head. (If I…if I’m on fire I won’t have oxygen with which to speak.)

Her eye snaps back up at mention of the Sevren. “Oh! Uh, it’s-it’s one of the main tributaries that leads to Vanishing Cove to the north. It’s one of the few rivers that flows North, and we’re not entirely sure why. Frankly, it’s a fascinating phenomenon, and was one of the original points of evidence against Planar Disc Theorem during the 1400’s geography standardization.” She stops, her head jerks forward with the rest of the words she was /going/ to say " It’s named after Grantine ‘Boulder-Hucker’ Sevren, an early halfling explorer. His nickname comes from his incredible strength, leading him to believe cannons were not cost effective."

“He would throw his cannonballs at enemy— Ah christ, give me a second.” She kneels down, her left boot having unlaced via singed boot strap. She holds the strap against her boot with one hand while the other glows white and writhes out, tentacles of light pulling the strap and filling the lost material. Pav realizes that they can see slightly different patches and holes and scars all over Thursday’s clothing. This is clearly something she has had to do constantly.

Once righted, she carried on boring Pav until they reached the gate of Induin Tawar- Elves intact.

Sister Thursday's Journal: Pixie and Ooze attack

From the hand of a Sister Thursday Twenty-Fifth,
Writer’s Formal Title: Day 237. Fourth Week of Eighth Month, Scribe and Scholar.
Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 06/30/2017
Location: Sea of Trees
Province: Whelmbrooke
Path: St. Argus Thru-way
Landmark: The Sevren Riverway, Bridge # unavailable. Approximately 20 miles from Induin Tawar, East Gate.

Events Summary:

  • Ambushed by 5 pixies (Visual description report attached on next page. Unsure subspecies. Amendments to be added.) as well as Ochre Oozes (Specifically circum limus aurantiaco (flavo rubrum? Amendment to be added.), Distinct lack of reproductive tract characteristic of circum lorus aurantiaco (again, possibly flavo rubrum.))
  • Rhuul Rheleghast, Dragonborn Druid (See Profiles pamphlet) transformed into an enormous toad (Not entirely certain this species exists in natural world. Descriptions available in Errata pamphlet.) and consumed one of pixies.
  • Elven refugees from Banniplith were thrown to safety in the Sevren river, assisted to shore by Pavillio “Harbinger of the Storm”. (See Profiles pamphlet)
  • Pixies and oozes destroyed. Unclear order of events.
  • Sister Thursday (Author) experienced delirium resulting from or resulting in erratic bursts of power.
  • Backfired on self, arm burn later treated by Mubaj, True Apostle of Gruumsh (See Profiles pamphlet)
  • Random location scrambling
  • Emitted strong luminescent activity
  • Erratic bending of light or gifting of pigment shifting capability
  • Problems held under control once centering activity taken. Credit must be given to Oliver Oxenbrigg (See Profiles pamphlet) for personal attention and reassurance.
  • Rhuul, Dragonborn Druid turned into Giant Squid
  • Oliver’s usage of Shatter removed significant number of Pixies from battlefield
  • Pav, the ‘Harbinger of the Storm’, has specifically requested that I note their usage of the Cerulean Caress (See Errata pamphlet) to wash two (2) Ochre Oozes downriver.
    Conflict ended, one pixie having fled the battle. Highly recommend warning signs and architectural evaluation of bridge. Rooting vines via Entanglement spell have likely cracked and damaged internal structures of bridge, and presence of acidic oozes has likely turned architecture porous.
  • Pav and Rhuul foraged for food, upon unsuccessful hunt Mubaj was able to summon safe food to feed refugees and team members.
  • To avoid repeat incident of reanimation, the bodies of Pixies and remains of Oozes incinerated to prevent reanimation. Three pixie bodies were not recoverable due to river currents.
    Travel continued on foot towards Induin Tawar, terminating at East Gate.


Miro's Song of Shame

And so I lie,
no pants on me,
the fire is gone,
but I’m not free.

An angry beast,
bites at my ass,
this is not how,
my time should pass.

[More adventure log to be added for 6/20 here]

[Group was beset by Hyenas trying to follow gnolls tracks, dragging prisoners out of town]

[Group split after battle, half returning to Freehold, half found a fort in the woods, where the gnolls lead the prisoners]

A ghost town and the recently departed
Ok, but it was definitely gnolls

[Cernunnos found party, and took Sonnie.]

[Party found Freehold, and took loot:]

[Party found evidence, and took their time investigating.]

[Cernunnos found the party, and took off after uncomfortable mental images.]

[Party found a new initiate, and took their time making up their minds.]

[Party found evidence of gnolls and survivors and took their leave from town.]

[Hyenas found the party, and took care to surround and unnerve them.]

Miro's Song of Victory
The Boars' Misery

None of Chys’s Plans Survive First Contact With The Enemy… Or The Party

Set upon by boars, Simon Vardar made short work of finishing off Ducter Seurss and leaving him for dead as the boars approached. Clamoring into a tree and hiding, he left behind a bewildered Chrys, who tried to scatter or avoid the boars, but was drawn into battle, and Miro Artifix, determined to protect the distraught young child, Sonnie. Granite thought fast and hid near a tree, appearing like a rock, while Content Not Found: gnome hoisted up The Doctor, and hid him behind some a tree, taking shelter until seeing Chrys under attack and trying to help. Meanwhile, The Mirth was blindsided by a boar and carried away into the woods, much to the chagrin of he and the bucking boar.

Miro’s Makin’ Bacon

Miro made short work of 2 boars, while Chrys endured a surprising amount of punishment and flew into a fit of furry rage as Gnome friend was gored unconcious; transforming into something part man, part beast, before Granite and Simon rejoined the fray. Together the remaining members of the excursion finished off the boars, knocking two unconscious and stabilizing a third.

Miro’s Song of Victory

Miro sang a song of his great victory in battle, felling many boars:

The bards will sing of this great bard,
for he did not just sing.
He readied his great swords to fight,
two boars and he did win.

Swine and Twine

Granite revived the gnome with a goodberry and the group decided, after some contention, to rest here beneath the trees, as Miro sang Sonnie and the group a restful lullaby. However, first Simon, Granite, and Chrys agreed to restrain the unconscious boars and bind The Doctor’s hands.

Two Copper Pieces… And One Sock

As the night wore on and Chrys and Simon’s first watch passed, The Doctor awoke while only Granite was awake, cut his bonds on tree bark and approached his weapons besides Granite. Granite blocked him at first, but as he made his intentions to leave the group clear Granite allowed him to pass, as long as he promised to harm nature no more. Rolling his eyes, he agreed and took his belongings, pausing to retrieve 2 copper, which he tried to leave on Simon’s chest as a message. Granite stopped him and was ultimately asked to place the coins himself. Not understanding the message, he agreed. However, when Simon awoke he realized two things: the coins were a death toll to reach the afterlife in many cultures, which implies a death threat to a living person, and The Doctor had taken his sock.

And so the party awoke from a long rest, still before dawn, and wondered where The Doctor had gone to and “OH YEAH! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MIRTH?!”

The Day We Saved Thursday

Journal entry from Rhuul Rheleghast, of the adventures of she, Oliver Oxenbrigg, Pavillio “Harbinger of the Storm”, Sister Thursday, Barry the White, and Mubaj, True Apostle of Gruumsh:

The elves are useless and everything sucks. We’re going north because south is more mushroom death-forest. East and west are probably terrible, too.

Now there’s tentacle-cats trying to kill every goddamn thing.

We saved a person, so that’s nice.

Now the halfling is pissed and painting about it.

  • Message from Prima expedition:
    • Travel slow, railways damaged. Dwarven settlements being lost, civilians killed. Not just arcanite and strongholds. Aiding in repair and resupply to reinforce. Be strong friends.
Between Boars & A Hard Place
More intra-party fighting under threat from wild animals

Consolation & Investigation

The group investigates the animal attack in town, while Granite stabilizes the two surviving bears and Miro consoles Sonnie. The group determined the settlement was attacked in a coordinated fashion by boars and bears and that Sonnie’s family were most likely slain (and hidden in the floorboards by Simon. Miro sent a lyrical message back with Pterry.

The Ballad of Miro

The adventures of our party as told by Miro:
We arrived at Locke’s Homestead, and found a dead body,
And soon three large bears, attacked our great party.
Some members were downed, but stabilized they were,
And one little girl, was found in this whirl.
Her name is Sonnie, or so she says,
And we believe here parents are dead.
So now we are healing and dealing with this,
Send us your thoughts please – it seems much’s amiss.

Altimerian Standoff

Before the bears awoke and the sun set, the party departed the settlement. Along the road Ducter Seurss reacted to something strange, which Chrys accidentally struck. While Chrys searched for the invisible presence he struck, Simon Vardar and the Doctor got into a standoff at bladepoints. As the situation escalated into shouting, Sonnie began to cry.


Before long, Granite and the Doctor sensed approaching animals and as more of the group heard and saw the boars approaching the situation between the two escalated, with Granite telling the group to go, as well as Chrys and Content Not Found: null interposing physically to stop Simon and the Doctor.

Finally the situation came to a head as Simon attacked the Doctor as the boars come into view to all, just 60 ft away, despite the Gnome’s efforts to impede him, physically and mentally.

Miro's Message with Pteri
The adventures pt.1

The adventures of our party as told by Miro:

We arrived at Locke’s Homestead, and found a dead body,
And soon three large bears, attacked our great party.
Some members were downed, but stabilized they were,
And one little girl, was found in this whirl.
Her name is Sonnie, or so she says,
And we believe here parents are dead.
So now we are healing and dealing with this,
Send us your thoughts please – it seems much’s amiss.


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