The World of Temmuren

Gifts from the Guild
  • Gimble provides a map of the surrounding region and marks:
    • Cernunnos’s forest
    • The nearest towns by land
    • The nearest port (within Gnome territory)
    • The nearest village in elven territory
    • The nearest elven port
  • Gimble also provides:
    • Various coin an valuables amounting to 300 gp
    • A potion of Gut Impulse – It will help you make a single prediction of your future actions, and your health will fare similarly
    • Medusa’s Rope – I’m not certain what this does, but it’s activated by touching the rope and saying “suffer my gaze.”
    • Scroll of Wild Magic (Scroll): This scroll appears to have been pieced together from other scrolls. You can use an action to read it and unleash a wild magic surge (PHB 104).
  • Zoga provides 3 potions, 1 scroll:
    • Potion of Enlarge/Reduce to Paz
    • Potion of Climbing
    • Scroll of Fog Cloud
    • Potion of Healing
  • Lady Rin quietly drops off a pouch containing 10 goodberries and an herbalism kit
The Path Forward

Rhuul Rheleghast and Pavillio “Harbinger of the Storm” saved Barry the White and 2 guildmates from the infection and made it through a harrowing night.

Oliver Oxenbrigg and Pavillio “Harbinger of the Storm” executed the infected prisoners and checked the stables for horses, finding only signs of a struggle and infected in the stable.`

Rhuul Rheleghast and Paz set out to make contact with the palace in the royal quarter and met Lady Anuel, who informed them of the inability of the palace to provide protection and the movement of the infected throughout the night. Desiring escape, Lady Anuel returned with Rhuul Rheleghast and Paz to the guild.

The group made plans to leave the city by land or by sea to investigate the infected animals and/or the disappearances and famine in the elven realm and to potentially seek help from the elves.

The group prepared to gather support for their mission and search for an escape route, starting with the docks.

Ostiumaris and Beyond

After the group’s introduction to the guild and its members, they must decide how to proceed: to stay and help here or to proceed elsewhere, and perhaps with help?

The Jobs

Gimble informed the group of several events that could use their attention:
  1. Reports of diseased animals throughout the countryside here
  2. Elven crop shortage and disappearances in Elven territory
  3. Expansion and beast attacks on the second continent
  4. Orcish aggression and disasters relief at Dwarven mining operations
Welcome to Gimble's Guild

You’ve been asked to stop by Gimble’s Gamble (a boisterous tavern and guild hall) for a meeting on various prospective work. It’s up to you to each decide:

  1. If you’ve been living/staying in this city (one of the capitols cities of The Myriad Nations of Cor within the human territory on the first continent) or if you’re an outsider visiting
  2. If you mutually want to know any of the other party members
  3. If you’re a traveler, where do you hail from
  4. Whether you’re a fresh prospectus here to interview or an existing guild member, helping Gimble vet new recruit(s) (note Gimble’s guild has chapters in many locations, so you may be a member even if you’re not local)
  5. How long you’ve been with the guild if you have been
  6. If you were looking for work or were just scouted

Expect these and other questions/details to come up during the meeting with Gimble andthe other guild members.


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