The World of Temmuren

Welcome to Gimble's Guild

You’ve been asked to stop by Gimble’s Gamble (a boisterous tavern and guild hall) for a meeting on various prospective work. It’s up to you to each decide:

  1. If you’ve been living/staying in this city (one of the capitols cities of The Myriad Nations of Cor within the human territory on the first continent) or if you’re an outsider visiting
  2. If you mutually want to know any of the other party members
  3. If you’re a traveler, where do you hail from
  4. Whether you’re a fresh prospectus here to interview or an existing guild member, helping Gimble vet new recruit(s) (note Gimble’s guild has chapters in many locations, so you may be a member even if you’re not local)
  5. How long you’ve been with the guild if you have been
  6. If you were looking for work or were just scouted

Expect these and other questions/details to come up during the meeting with Gimble andthe other guild members.


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