The World of Temmuren

The Day We Saved Thursday

Journal entry from Rhuul Rheleghast, of the adventures of she, Oliver Oxenbrigg, Pavillio “Harbinger of the Storm”, Sister Thursday, Barry the White, and Mubaj, True Apostle of Gruumsh:

The elves are useless and everything sucks. We’re going north because south is more mushroom death-forest. East and west are probably terrible, too.

Now there’s tentacle-cats trying to kill every goddamn thing.

We saved a person, so that’s nice.

Now the halfling is pissed and painting about it.

  • Message from Prima expedition:
    • Travel slow, railways damaged. Dwarven settlements being lost, civilians killed. Not just arcanite and strongholds. Aiding in repair and resupply to reinforce. Be strong friends.
Between Boars & A Hard Place
More intra-party fighting under threat from wild animals

Consolation & Investigation

The group investigates the animal attack in town, while Granite stabilizes the two surviving bears and Miro consoles Sonnie. The group determined the settlement was attacked in a coordinated fashion by boars and bears and that Sonnie’s family were most likely slain (and hidden in the floorboards by Simon. Miro sent a lyrical message back with Pterry.

The Ballad of Miro

The adventures of our party as told by Miro:
We arrived at Locke’s Homestead, and found a dead body,
And soon three large bears, attacked our great party.
Some members were downed, but stabilized they were,
And one little girl, was found in this whirl.
Her name is Sonnie, or so she says,
And we believe here parents are dead.
So now we are healing and dealing with this,
Send us your thoughts please – it seems much’s amiss.

Altimerian Standoff

Before the bears awoke and the sun set, the party departed the settlement. Along the road Ducter Seurss reacted to something strange, which Chrys accidentally struck. While Chrys searched for the invisible presence he struck, Simon Vardar and the Doctor got into a standoff at bladepoints. As the situation escalated into shouting, Sonnie began to cry.


Before long, Granite and the Doctor sensed approaching animals and as more of the group heard and saw the boars approaching the situation between the two escalated, with Granite telling the group to go, as well as Chrys and Content Not Found: null interposing physically to stop Simon and the Doctor.

Finally the situation came to a head as Simon attacked the Doctor as the boars come into view to all, just 60 ft away, despite the Gnome’s efforts to impede him, physically and mentally.

Miro's Message with Pteri
The adventures pt.1

The adventures of our party as told by Miro:

We arrived at Locke’s Homestead, and found a dead body,
And soon three large bears, attacked our great party.
Some members were downed, but stabilized they were,
And one little girl, was found in this whirl.
Her name is Sonnie, or so she says,
And we believe here parents are dead.
So now we are healing and dealing with this,
Send us your thoughts please – it seems much’s amiss.

Sonniwhorls and The 3 Bears
No hiding place was just right

Leaving Pioneer Outpost

The group got a map with Locke’s Homestead and Freehold on it, as well as some other supplies from the guild hall, and were lent Kathar’s companion Pterry. The group debated options briefly and decided to head to Locke’s Homestead to investigate the settlement that had lost contact with neighboring towns.

Arriving at Locke’s Homestead

After convincing the reluctant Granite to travel with them, the group made their way to Locke’s Homestead. There they found the small settlement deserted, with large animal tracks leading out of town. Upon closer inspection Ducter Seurss found a brown bear inside one of the 2 homesteads, over a dead body, maw bloody from its prey.

Bear Trap

The bear let loose a roar, alerting another nearby bear, who attacked and downed Ductor despite a harrowing blow. Content Not Found: null] braved the bear’s wrath to revive the doctor and retreat back to safety. Meanwhile, Simon lead the charge to attack the bear still residing in the house and was met with a vicious blow, before the culmination of efforts from he, Granite, and the gnome laid the beast unconscious. Outside, Chrys and Mirth finished of the bear that struck Ductor.

Panic & Malice

After both bears had fallen, Chyrs checked on the others in the house, but was directed by mental images from their telepathic friend to a child in danger in the barn nearby. While Chyrs and Mirth ran to aid the child, Ductor peered into the house and struck a blow to the unconscious bear, enraging Granite and the ensuing battle toppled Miro Artifix off of Granite’s back. In the turmoil Miro summoned an unseen servant to tend to Simon’s wounds, and their gnome friend interdicted to stop the fight between Granite, Miro and Ductor; though Ductor persisted until knocked unconscious by the gnome.

Saving Sonnie

Chrys found a third bear pursuing a child into the loft of the barn, and was able to knock the creature from its perch to the ground where Mirth tried to repeat his earlier heroic success and fell yet another bear, but he was summarily maimed and Chrys nearly met the same fate before joined by Granite from the turmoil with Ductor. After the dust settled, Granite and Chyrs met a small girl named “Sonnie” (short for Sonniwhirl) who had run and hid from the bears in the barn and inquired about her parents after being saved.

Things to remember for next session

  • Everyone leveled up to level 3! Congratulations!
  • Simon, Mirth, Ductor, and 1 bear have all been stabilized and will awaken some time later (unless healed and revived sooner – including choosing to use short rest healing)
    • Simon wakes up in 2 hours
    • Ductor and Mirth in 4 hours
    • Bear in ? hours
  • Meanwhile, the other 2 bears are bleeding out and will die imminently if not tended to.
New Beginnings In Ostiumaris
Cram strangers on a boat for friendship and profit

Brief summary in [ ] to be elaborated on later.

Opportunity in the wake of disaster

[Some strangers meet at a tavern in a hollowed city for work]

Simon Vardar
Miro Artifix
Duter Seurss
Simon Vardar

[They meet some odd associates traveling to faraway places]

Gimble the Nimble
Lady Anuel
Sla’ath the Grim
Sylvira the Sharp
Lady Rin
Kathar the Mongoose

[The travelers voice their preference, but are pushed out by Lady Anuel into Gimble’s group]

“C” Legs & Stowaways

[The travelers recover from a night of partying and board Simon’s ship]

[As they depart and at sea, they meet some additional passengers, who appear to be associates of Gimble]


Rock in the Road

[The group makes landfall and sets off to the local branch of Gimble’s Guild, but runs into a large furry obstacle in the road]


[When the group arrives at the guild hall in a nearby settlement, Cernunnos and Granite linger outside the settlement, while the guild members proceed to setup their base of operations and the new initiates are asked to scout 1 of 2 local issues.]

  1. Aggressive animal attacks near frontier towns
  2. A settlement that’s fallen out of touch with others nearby

[The initiates, agreed to investigate these happenings, and Chrys suggests investigating the settlement, but then immediately regrets his suggestion and agonizes over it all night.]

Fist of the North Spore

Hostile Encounter

Myconid Sprout intercepts the group …and punches Pav’s horse. Oliver spots ambushing Myconids.

It’s Raining (Mushroom) Men

The group fights off 2 waves of Myconids and gets the cart moving again, while Rhuul repels additional waves. The group cleans off the remaining assailants and escapes the deep forest, where only the Myconids’ looming gazes follow them.

Rolling Into Town

Much to the locals’ surprise the group rolls into the isolated town of Banniplith from the nearby forest. They learn of the village’s plight and share what lies in wait in their forest. The group finds this town is starving, due to failed and shriveled crops, and their animals and people have begun disappearing.

Evacuation Plan

The group meets with the de facto leader of the town, a book-keeper, by the name of Arnolu, who recommends relocating this village to the nearest Elven settlement to the North on their way to the capitol and offers to help escort and move the citizens of the town. The commerce official positioned in town agrees this may be their best hope to ride out this crisis and agrees to gather the others in the morning and throw his weight behind the group’s offer.

Sending Message to Kathar’s Group

The group sent the following message to Kathar’s group:

“Forest invaded by magic fungi. Elves starving, we’re heading to capital. All safe so far. Evacuating this village somewhere safer. Forest very dangerous!”

Into the Sea of Trees

Head ’Em Up

Peeling off two patches from Oliver Oxenbrigg’s coat, the group hooked up their wagon and headed northwest, lead by Pavillio “Harbinger of the Storm” into the deep sea of trees between The Myriad Nations of Cor and the Elven homeland of Dôren Marinde.

Move ’Em Out

Reaching into the southern depths of the forest the group witnessed ancient and fantastic trees and foliage; much of which was ill, being choked off or overgrown by weeds and fungus, while succumbing to drought. There the wagon fell afoul of roots and nearly lost a wheel, but Mubaj, True Apostle of Gruumsh deftly maneuvered the cart to spare the wheel and a crash, but still lodged the wagon into thick foliage.


The commotion alerted a cluster of shriekers and violet fungus, but before they could beset upon the cart, Oliver Oxenbrigg and Rhuul Rheleghast defending their position with a Dust Devil and Spike Growth. Meanwhile, Pavillio “Harbinger of the Storm” and Mubaj, True Apostle of Gruumsh set about loosing the cart from the underbrush.

Cut ’Em Up

The group furiously fought off the fungus with whips and spells, holding off their advance until blights began to arrive from the shriekers’ calls. A vine blight attempted to hold fast the group and their wagon, halting the horses, the wagon, and some of the group, but Barry the White struck the creature down and freed the group from its hold before the needle blights could fell Rhuul.

Ride ’Em Out

Together the group loosed the wagon and felled the majority of the violet fungus and blights, finally freeing the cart as another group of blights arrived. Again the group felled a vine blight and secured their escape path, sustaining a final hail of needles from the needle blights before making their escape.

With Rhuul still suffering some wounds, and Pav’s horse badly injured, the group proceeds swiftly toward the nearest Elven village through these perilous woods.

Return to Ostiumaris

Divide & Conquor

Headed to Elvish lands

Headed to Altimer

Headed to Southern half of Prima


  • Sold various items to acquire 2 sets of Sending Stones (Kathar the Mongoose & Lady Anuel were each given 1 of the 2 sets)
  • Wagon (cloth covered)
Saviors of the Forest

Battle at the Hollow

The group assaulted the rider at the Hollow, overcoming several giant elk while Oliver Oxenbrigg felled the rider out of a great tree. After a pitched battle, Rhuul Rheleghast was able restrain the forest guardian long enough for Barry the White to heal the afflicted guardian. This sent the rider into a rage, nearly killing Barry and badly injuring the rest of the party. However, the party retaliated swiftly, breaking the rider’s concentration and dispersing the deadly cloud before giant boars could reinforce him and rending his form until he could sustain himself no more, collapsing into, dead, dying, and scattering insects.


The group, winded from battle, were thanked by an indebted forest guardian and granted sanctuary in the unicorn’s hollow. The unicorn set about healing the creatures of the forest, while Cernunnos set about nursing the defeated giant elk to stable condition. While treating the elk, Cernunnos brought the group the rider’s magical items to do with as they would.


  • Hive Staff
    • A staff topped with a hive, which functions as a Staff of Swarming Insects, but can also be used to dominate insects.
  • Censer of Germination
    • A censer of ancient Elven construction, a plant or fungus placed into the censer grows and germinates at an alarming rate, spreading spores or seeds with an action, and growing at an accelerated rate. Plants and fungus created by the censer obey basic commands given by it’s possessor at the time, and pass that will to future generations.
  • Bracers of Defense


The group burned the fungus present in the censer, and Paz cleansed the items taken from the rider, examining the unusual construction of the censer, and deliberated on their questions/requests of the forest guardian, which they would ask after a well deserved rest from their arduous battle.

Unicorn's Hollow Horde
Abandoned sacred treasures
  • The Elemental Artisans of water, Cerulean Caress
  • Bag of Tricks (gray)
  • Boots of Elvenkind
  • Staff of the Python
  • Kemten’s Coin (Wondrous Item)
    • This coin bears a golden sun on one side, and a silver crescent moon on the other. You can use an action to flip the coin in the air. If it lands with the sun up, then the coin casts the spell Daylight upon itself. If it lands with the moon up, then it casts the spell Darkness upon itself. The coin can’t be used this way again until after a short rest.
  • 200 gp worth of platinum pieces and other manufactured tributes

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