The World of Temmuren

Through the Ice and Flurries



  • Brought oni body back to Induin Tawar
  • Thursday started sleeping on the roof because the voice(s) told her to
  • The group finds out from Tora about the elves’ sacred grounds on the island and “The Spade of the Land”, which sealed the drow and unseelie fey
  • The group questioned the oni’s body and confirmed the oni and its allies are conspiring with others to restart an ancient war and kill the elves.
  • The group made plans to weather the storm and make their way to the sacred grounds to retrieve The Spade of the Land, travel to the sealing tree, and restore life and power to it and the forest.
  • Oliver sent a message to the rest of the guild, updating them about the situation:
    • Evil actors are attempting to destroy the world tree, free the drow. Causing famine, plague, blizzards here. Attempting to alleviate. Elves not much help, unsurprisingly. Cheers!
  • As the party prepared, they were summoned once more by Tora’s personal guard, to find Tora was visited upon by visions in the night, and has been falling ill to these portents for some time.
  • She warned the group that something knows they’re coming, and the group perceived that whatever plucked this information from her mind has been slowly killing her
  • The group determined they must go, and asked for help gathering supplies before heading off into the storm
  • The townsfolk mustered what supplies they could to equip the group, and an elder elf woman provided Pav with a pack full of potions of water breathing for safe passage.
  • The group made their way out onto the ice and rigged up a row boat to Rhuul as an allosaurus (with barkskin, water walking, longstrider and invisibility)
  • Riding out onto the ice at high speeds, the group was beset by sounds that Thursday IMMEDIATELY identified as 2 banshees closing in on the group
  • After ~40 minutes of travel through the driving storm and worsening visibility, the banshees appeared suddenly, incapacitating Barry the White, Oliver, and Rhuul.
  • Rhuul recovered, catching Thursday, Mubaj saved Barry, who recovered Oliver, and the group sped past the Banshees towards the eye of the storm
  • After some healing and racing away from the banshees (for 3 minutes), the group entered the eye of the storm and saw a frozen-looking humanoid standing at the center brandishing a staff of grey wood
  • Behind them they heard the wails of the banshees still in pursuit as their situation intensifies


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