The World of Temmuren

Spear Fishing

Some nasty fish people try to make the party catch of the day

  • Some Merrow had the gall to attack a water bender and their Draco-saur in their territory
  • Thursday water walked on melting ice after falling out of the boat
  • The Merrow Gulliver’d Rhuul down to the surface of the sea, and then Pav turned the sea beneath her to put her back on her feet mid stride to make their escape
  • The group evaded the Merrow and made landfall
  • There they met a wary elven woman sheltered in a cave on the shore, who looked like she haven’t seen food or civilization in quite some time
  • The Merrow pursued the group to shore
  • Thursday engaged her finger guns from behind the upturned boat, firing volleys at the Merrow
  • Rhuul devoured Pav’s catch of the day and then the duo survived more harpoons than Mobey Dick
  • Oliver found that shatter is surprisingly effective at making mutant merfolk tuna
  • Barry did his best Terry Crews impression and blocked, blocked, blocked, while Mubaj gave meager assistance from behind the boat
  • After felling over half the Merrow, they retreated back to the sea, leaving the party triumphant, but tired in the shore


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