The World of Temmuren

Snowed In

Buried beneath an avalanche, in a death trap

  • The group woke to the low rumbling of an avalanche
  • Miro Artifix and Misgnomer were caught in the avalanche and didn’t make it inside
  • Nelsar, Chrys, and Granite made their way through the collapsing building
  • The group found the following additional salvage (yet to be identified):
    • A magical deck of cards, which was being carefully examined in some aparatus
    • A pair of goggles, which seemed to provide Granite with darkvision
    • ~1 metric fuckton of salvage and materials
    • What appears to be a robotic torso (containing an arcanite reactor)
    • Various robotic components and raw materials, both made of the unusual alloy and newer prototypes made of more traditional metals
  • The group eventually made their way to the top of the crumbling building, now buried in snow and found the overloading reactor which had no doubt been scuttled to deny the gnolls their prize and shake this hazardous deathtrap to its foundation
  • Acting quickly, Chrys produced an iron door and Granite covered for Chrys as he dismantled the damaged components and overrode the reactor’s controls to disarm it
  • With this the group secured the remains of the workshop, including the (mostly) intact arcanite reactor
  • In the same room, the group found a secured box containing sets of blueprints, notes, and schematics; half appear to be translations and prototypes written in gnomish and half in an unrecognizable language on the schematics the gnomes appear to have been deciphering
  • Chrys read off a project name written prominently on one of the note pages: Sprite
  • However, Granite corrected him. Looking at the original page being translated, he recognized this one word from somewhere: Slyph
  • With this the group had everything they had come for and could complete their contract with the gnomes and claim whatever salvage they hauled away from this ordeal, but at what cost, with their compatriots lost to the snow?


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