The World of Temmuren

Puzzle Hubris and Plant Stalking

The group is stumped by a puzzle, then chases a stump

  • Thursday composed a message to send to Tora, which was sent via Mubaj casting sending:
    “Queen in danger. Night Hag draining Queen from Ethereal Plane. Seek Greater Restoration spell. Super sorry about old man disguise. Hug kisses oh no sorry”
  • The group awakened from their rest in the cave, and messaged Tora to warn her about the night hag
  • Rhuul investigated the puzzle box and ran fleeing in terror after seemingly solving a piece of it
  • Oliver pursued Rhuul to attempt to calm her, while Thursday attempted the puzzle and was promptly turned into a variety of creatures over the course of 60 seconds and lost control of her body
  • Upon Thursday regaining her body and mind, she and Oliver returned to the cave to find Pav missing for a few seconds, before they re-appeared
  • Pav informed the group they had been transported somewhere after solving a part of the puzzle and Oliver identified this as likely being a part of the Astral plane
  • Shortly afterward Mubaj received a reply from Tora:
    “Thanks, working on it. Whatever you did, the storm’s clearing up! We might make it through this yet! Found the spade of the earth yet?”
  • Rhuul was given one more chance to tinker with the puzzle cube, to no avail, before the group gathered themselves and headed inland
  • After a while following the old, untrodden path, the group ascended a hill into a wooded grove and found a clearing with an auspicious hole in the ground where a tree used to be, and a variety of dragging marks leaving a clear trail headed East
  • The group followed this trail East, down the hill, across plains, and to the Eastern cost of the island, beside a cliff to the north overshadowing a cove.
  • As the group approached the coast-line from a hill, the spotted, past a drop off to the north, an uprooted tree in the boggy waters of the cove, surrounded by gnarly plant life
  • Out past the cove and the rest of the coastline, Thursday and Rhuul examined a sunken ship just off the coast, some 150 feet away, and determined it to be a ship from the Elven capitol, seemingly scuttled here in recent months
  • Oliver identified some of the plant life in the bog within the cove to be foreign and unsuited to this cove, and theorized they could likely be 1 or more shambling mounds
  • Thursday opened fire upon the mounds in the cove from the hill and Oliver supported with crossbow fire at the edge of the drop-off
  • Their attacks drew the attention of something hiding in the wreckage of the ship, which cast a Storm Sphere over the group and hit Thursday with a bolt of lightning
  • As the shambling mounds retreated out to sea, the party retreated out of the range of the Storm Sphere, with Barry taking up the rear and being stuck by a massive arc of lightning
  • Protected in part by his aura, Barry deflected the brunt of the blast and was spared the worst of its damage, but took a hard hit all the same
  • With the group safely out of range of the Storm Sphere, they take a moment to regroup and assess the situation
  • ( Pav and Rhuul still need to make an 18 STR save or take 6 bludgeoning from buffeting winds while in the Storm Sphere )


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