The World of Temmuren

Out of the frying pan and into the ice box

From rescue mission to salvage mission

  • The group met and debriefed Winona and Takota, the hostages turned werewolves
  • After a rough skirmish with gnolls near Freehold the group was separated from the werewolves and made their way back to Pioneer Outpost
  • After getting updates from the guild, Simon Vardar stormed off and the group met an entertainer magician named Nelsar
  • Along with their new acquaintance Nelsar, the group was convinced by the gnomish refugees from the north to retrieve their valuable research for salvage rights to the rest of their workshop
  • The group headed north to make good on their deal, but were harried by a blizzard and a pack of polar bears
  • After defeating the bears, the group interrogated one of them and discovered they were organized by “Big Boss Bear”
  • Finally, the group arrived at the unstable workshop, rejoined by Misgnomer, who warned the group of falling debris


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