The World of Temmuren

Sonniwhorls and The 3 Bears

No hiding place was just right

Leaving Pioneer Outpost

The group got a map with Locke’s Homestead and Freehold on it, as well as some other supplies from the guild hall, and were lent Kathar’s companion Pterry. The group debated options briefly and decided to head to Locke’s Homestead to investigate the settlement that had lost contact with neighboring towns.

Arriving at Locke’s Homestead

After convincing the reluctant Granite to travel with them, the group made their way to Locke’s Homestead. There they found the small settlement deserted, with large animal tracks leading out of town. Upon closer inspection Ducter Seurss found a brown bear inside one of the 2 homesteads, over a dead body, maw bloody from its prey.

Bear Trap

The bear let loose a roar, alerting another nearby bear, who attacked and downed Ductor despite a harrowing blow. Content Not Found: null] braved the bear’s wrath to revive the doctor and retreat back to safety. Meanwhile, Simon lead the charge to attack the bear still residing in the house and was met with a vicious blow, before the culmination of efforts from he, Granite, and the gnome laid the beast unconscious. Outside, Chrys and Mirth finished of the bear that struck Ductor.

Panic & Malice

After both bears had fallen, Chyrs checked on the others in the house, but was directed by mental images from their telepathic friend to a child in danger in the barn nearby. While Chyrs and Mirth ran to aid the child, Ductor peered into the house and struck a blow to the unconscious bear, enraging Granite and the ensuing battle toppled Miro Artifix off of Granite’s back. In the turmoil Miro summoned an unseen servant to tend to Simon’s wounds, and their gnome friend interdicted to stop the fight between Granite, Miro and Ductor; though Ductor persisted until knocked unconscious by the gnome.

Saving Sonnie

Chrys found a third bear pursuing a child into the loft of the barn, and was able to knock the creature from its perch to the ground where Mirth tried to repeat his earlier heroic success and fell yet another bear, but he was summarily maimed and Chrys nearly met the same fate before joined by Granite from the turmoil with Ductor. After the dust settled, Granite and Chyrs met a small girl named “Sonnie” (short for Sonniwhirl) who had run and hid from the bears in the barn and inquired about her parents after being saved.

Things to remember for next session

  • Everyone leveled up to level 3! Congratulations!
  • Simon, Mirth, Ductor, and 1 bear have all been stabilized and will awaken some time later (unless healed and revived sooner – including choosing to use short rest healing)
    • Simon wakes up in 2 hours
    • Ductor and Mirth in 4 hours
    • Bear in ? hours
  • Meanwhile, the other 2 bears are bleeding out and will die imminently if not tended to.


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