The World of Temmuren

Poking Out the Eye of the Storm

Got yer broom!


  • The party charged to meet the Bheur hag in battle, with the banshees wailing in the distance behind them
  • The Bheur hag took to the sky on its greystaff, casting down ice storms to harry the party, as they returned volleys of errant crossbow fire
  • Closing just into range Sister Thursday crowned the hag with a magical circlet that sent the creature into a rage, focusing on the newly revealed Rhuul Rheleghast
  • Rhuul came about, attacking the hag with tooth, claw, and the parties boat, bringing all to bear
  • In the confusion Pavillio “Harbinger of the Storm” struck, stealing the hag’s greystaff with a thornwhip and mounting up mockingly upon it
  • Upon this turn of tidings, Pav noted the banshees approaching from the eye wall of the blizzard and called out to the rest of the group
  • Without its staff to escape, the party descended on the hag in full fury, ending it swiftly before Rhuul made a meal of its cold, leathery hide
  • As the banshees approached, Mubaj, True Apostle of Gruumsh cast a quick prayer of healing, while Rhuul and Barry the White took up the front line to meet the banshees
  • Again, Oliver and Thursday fired the opening volleys, unleashing a fireball, eldritch blasts and other spells
  • Rhuul and Barry met the banshees’ charge as their ranged support felled the weaker of the 2 targets
  • The remaining banshee’s horrible visage shook several of the group, causing Thursday to incinerate another change of clothing and a layer of ice, before taking stock of this problem and calming herself
  • Thursday and Rhuul brought more damage to bear and while it was reeling near final death, before it could bring its powers to bear on the party, it was finally felled by a mighty gleaming blow from a visibly shaken Barry, who collapsed on his haunches after the fact.
  • Thursday examines the storm and determines from her knowledge of things hag, magic, and meteorology that as long as this was the only one controlling the storm, it should dissipate on it’s own in the span of some few hours
  • The party then began to debate their next move


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