The World of Temmuren

Frantic fight by moonlight

Oh shit, Chrys was right

  • Party hears howl from inside fort after reaching it
  • Misgnomer is concerned about the prisoners and Chrys is convinced they’re being turned into lycanthropes
  • Simon rushes to the door and unbars it.
  • The group opens the door, finding a werewolf over some broken stools, dead bodies, and shredded ropes
  • Chrys spots a smaller side room in the fort and rushes to investigate, finding a second werewolf who traps him in the enclosure
  • The first werewolf turns on the party, attacking Granite and Miro Artifix
  • Simon lands what should be a deadly blow, but it does not find purchase well and he flees into the dimly lit night
  • Chrys uses a potion to escape onto the wall, before being pulled back down with the werewolf
  • Misgnomer enters the room and stares down the werewolf
  • In a resulting moment of confusion, Chrys breaks free before the werewolf climbs over the wall and rushes off to the south
  • Meanwhile, Miro and Granite wear down the other werewolf and finish it off with Chrys’s help
  • Misgnomer, who had fallen into a trance for the remainder of combat, rushes to stabilize the no-longer-a-werewolf after they fall unconscious, having reverted back into the form of one of the prisoners spotted by Chrys, Miro, Misgnomer a few days prior.
  • Simon is attacked in the dark by gnolls, fells one and is downed by arrows
  • The rest of the group hears werewolf howling to the south
  • Granite reverts to humanoid form and says that he hears gnolls on the hunt to the south
  • Chrys asks where Simon is and Misgnomer points to the south with urgency


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