The World of Temmuren

Fist of the North Spore

Hostile Encounter

Myconid Sprout intercepts the group …and punches Pav’s horse. Oliver spots ambushing Myconids.

It’s Raining (Mushroom) Men

The group fights off 2 waves of Myconids and gets the cart moving again, while Rhuul repels additional waves. The group cleans off the remaining assailants and escapes the deep forest, where only the Myconids’ looming gazes follow them.

Rolling Into Town

Much to the locals’ surprise the group rolls into the isolated town of Banniplith from the nearby forest. They learn of the village’s plight and share what lies in wait in their forest. The group finds this town is starving, due to failed and shriveled crops, and their animals and people have begun disappearing.

Evacuation Plan

The group meets with the de facto leader of the town, a book-keeper, by the name of Arnolu, who recommends relocating this village to the nearest Elven settlement to the North on their way to the capitol and offers to help escort and move the citizens of the town. The commerce official positioned in town agrees this may be their best hope to ride out this crisis and agrees to gather the others in the morning and throw his weight behind the group’s offer.

Sending Message to Kathar’s Group

The group sent the following message to Kathar’s group:

“Forest invaded by magic fungi. Elves starving, we’re heading to capital. All safe so far. Evacuating this village somewhere safer. Forest very dangerous!”


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